Wide format photocopiers are different from your standard office photocopier, and they are considered the copier for engineers and architects because they can print building schematics that are larger than standard paper printing. A wide format printer might also make a wonderful choice for a graphic designer who needs to print larger logos and advertisements for their business.

Where to Buy a Wide Format Copier?

Before you buy a wide format copier, you should look for someone who is honest and reputable. Intuity Technologies Ltd., a long established Canon copier dealership, wants to help you. We have been providing top notch quality and expertise since 1992, and we can help you to get the most from your wide format copier. What are the ways that you can maximize your experience? First, you can save money by reducing your printing costs. Did you know some businesses pay 10 percent of their revenues to printing expenses? With Managed Print Services, you can identify the wasted printing at your company to eliminate the excess. We have seen customers save up to 50 percent on printing expenses.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Wide Format Photocopier?

As a shrewd business owner, you might be saying that you have had a great wide format printer that has worked impeccably for several years. Why pay the unnecessary expense? That conclusion comes from logic, but let us paint a picture for you: Today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s routine. If you have a copier that is several years old, that technology is outdated. The wide format photocopiers of today offer better efficiency in these key areas:

  • Productivity
  • Less Ink Used
  • More Useful Features
  • Lower Costs on Colour Printing

Yesterday’s printers operated at a different standard from today’s, and we have greener standards today in the power consumption and ink usage with wide format copiers, which will save money. You could literally be saving money to upgrade simply because of the greater efficiency that it will bring to your business. When you save time, you also save money. Intuity Technologies Ltd. looks at your technology needs to align the technology with meeting your business goals. Anyone can sell you a copier, but will they sell you the right one? When you speak with us, we listen intently, and using our unparalleled industry expertise, we provide you with expert eyes that will save you money on printing expenses.

Looking to print your construction schematics in vibrant colour? Over the years, colour printing has become more affordable, and statistics show that printing construction plans in colour helps to reduce the amount of mistakes at the construction site because the communication of the plan is more clear. However, unlike some unscrupulous companies, we will never recommend colour printing if you do not need it because wide format colour copiers will always cost more than their counterpart, and if they will not be used, they are not necessary. Doing your own research and creating a priority list of your most essential features can help a lot. We are here to save you money and steer you free of the industry pitfalls. Intuity Technologies Ltd. helps business owners understand how they can increase their profits by lowering their printing expenses and finding the best wide format copier for the tasks ahead. For more information, call us today at 1890 987 900 or ask for a quick quote now.