Pondering on whether it is better to buy or lease photocopiers? The latter is a smart choice, especially if you own a small or medium enterprise.

Admittedly though, between the two, buying is the more popular choice. However, this does not mean that leasing photocopiers is not a good thing. It is just that a number of business owners and equipment procurement managers are not aware that this option exists. The prevailing idea is that the only way to get a photocopier is to buy one.

Then, there is also the fact that many do not fully grasp that leasing can actually help their business in more ways than one. So, how exactly is leasing copiers beneficial for businesses?

Advantages of Leasing Copiers

One of the best things about leasing is the low upfront costs. This option does not require a huge capital outlay for you to get a photocopier you can use.

Truth be told, copy machines are not cheap. Buying one can have a significant impact on your funds. This can be a serious issue particularly for small enterprises with limited capital. You may be forced to wait until you have the money or to take out loans just to get a photocopier. Leasing eliminates this financial burden; instead of a huge one-time payment, smaller payments are made each month or quarter.

Meanwhile, some may contend that, while it doesn’t require a big capital outlay, leasing is more expensive in the long run. Hence, it is not actually a financially smart choice.

It is true that you pay more than the actual value of the copier leased over the course of the contract. However, you have to remember that leasing allows you to get the equipment you need when you need it. Sans this option, you’d have to wait until there’s room in your budget to get a machine. This can be costly, especially if the machine is an integral part of your day-to-day operations. Bear in mind, in the business world, time is money – the longer you wait to get an all-important equipment like a copier, the more money you lose.

Moreover, leasing helps preserve your lines of credit since you do not have to make one huge payment. Hence, when other more significant or profitable business needs arise, you won’t have to worry where to get the money for it.

Another advantage of leasing photocopiers is that it enables you to get a hold of the newest model with ease. It is no secret that copier hardware and software rapidly change. In just a year or two, the current photocopiers you have may not be as fast as the new ones in the market. Naturally, you’d want a better equipment, one that can improve efficiency and productivity in your office. Hence, it’s but logical that you upgrade your device.

Well, you can easily avoid obsolescence or being stuck with old copiers when you are leasing. This is because you can always upgrade the device once your current contract ends. There are also some photocopier leasing companies that allow the lessees to upgrade anytime.

To add, when you are leasing photocopiers, you do not have to subject yourself (or your employees) to the hassle of disposing an old device. Simple as it may be, this task still requires time and effort.

Lastly, when you lease photocopiers, maintenance is rarely a problem. Most companies that lease photocopiers offer a maintenance plan that is included in the lease contract or may be availed separately. When the equipment bogs down, they have professional technicians who can repair the device immediately. Aside from this, replenishment of supplies (i.e., toners and inks) and replacements of parts may also be included in the maintenance service contract.  All these can benefit your IT staff, especially if you have a small team. Instead of fixing copiers, they can just spend time doing other important tasks.

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Image Attribution: Photograph By Midnightblueowl at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Image Resource: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AIOA_photocopiers.jpg