Photocopiers vary as widely as snowflakes in winter, and your media company must choose a copier that helps you get work done quickly. Press releases must be copied by the thousands, and color prints must be reproduced for other media outlets in the most vivid color possible. This article explores the photocopier you must keep in your office, and your choice will help your business progress forward with the utmost professionalism and visual clarity.

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#1: Do You Create Thousands of Copies a Day?

A business that creates thousands of copies a day must use a copier that offers a receptacle fit for a thousand pieces of paper. Fast copiers use a special drum that can create the copies quickly, and you will wait just a couple minutes to retrieve your copies. Consider how many copies you make in a day, and ensure that the copier is designed to create the volume of copies you need.


#2: Do You Print in Color Often?

Media companies that print in color must choose copiers that offer the best color clarity possible. Color clarity is determined by the sort of ink that is used.

#3: Do You Need a Fax Machine?

A proper copier in today’s economy allows you to send faxes straight from the copier. You can copy a document that can be sent immediately to any recipient, and you may store the documents in the copier for later use. A cloud storage account may be associated with your copier, or you may use the internal storage offered with the unit.

#4: Connect to Your Computer

The wireless connection you use in your office will connect your copier to your computer. You may produce several thousand copies from your computer, and you will not spend time standing at the copier. People in your office can send jobs to the copier, and you can see an update on the progress of the job from your computer. There will be no lines at the copier, and your work gets done much quicker.

#5: How Long Will the Copier Last?

A great copier must last several years before it must be replaced or overhauled. Copiers that are designed properly will last several years with proper maintenance, and you may schedule service appointments every year to keep the copier in good condition. A media company cannot function without a copier, and your productivity could come screeching to a halt when the copier breaks down. Choose the copier that has the best reviews and track record for endurance.

Placing a copier in your office helps everyone get their work done, but you must choose the copier that fits your needs best. Choose between copiers that produce thousands of copies, copiers that produce color copies and copiers that will stand the test of time. Your diligence will be rewarded with a great copier that serves you well.

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