Wide format printers refer to devices that can produce large-sized prints with a width of 17 inches or more. These printing machines are noted for their ability to produce high quality graphics or images, with resolution of up to 2880 x 1440 dpi. Furthermore, large format printers, another term used to refer to these devices, create detailed and vibrant outputs at a fast speed. In fact, as compared to regular desktop printers, wide format printers can produce over a dozen 24”x36” prints per hour.

Reports indicate that the wide format printer market is expected to grow from €6.9 billion in 2017 to €9.1 billion by 2023. The availability of new technologies and efficient printing solutions are some of the reasons cited for the increase in demand. Furthermore, more industries are adopting the use of wide format printers.

Where Are Wide Format Printers Used?

As mentioned above, different companies from various industries are utilising these machines to have the large-sized printouts they need. What type of companies are these? Why do they need large format printers?

Marketing and Advertising

According to reports, one industry where the demand for large format printers has steadily grown over the years is the marketing and advertising sector. This is not at all surprising! With the cutthroat competition in the business world, many enterprises are ramping up their marketing efforts to outdo their competitors and consequently, double their profits.

Banner ads, posters and billboards are some of the materials marketing agencies and advertising firms create for their clients. On top of being well-designed, these materials need to be visually stunning for them to serve their purpose – improve the visibility of a brand or company and capture the attention of people. Producing effective marketing collaterals requires powerful tools like wide format printers. These printing devices have the technology needed to create durable and striking large-scale, graphic-rich marketing materials.

Home Construction and Design

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, many companies under the home construction and design sector also utilise large format printers. These include construction and engineering enterprises, architecture companies and interior design firms, to name a few.

Professionals in these companies need to print blueprints, building plans and other technical documents with sizes bigger than the regular 8”x11” paper. On top of impressing clients, well-printed, large-sized plans and designs greatly help in ensuring that projects in these areas are completed accordingly.

For example, in the architecture industry, these machines allow professional architects to produce all the necessary schematics for a home. When properly printed, these plans can accurately feature the different facets of the house and enable clients to easily visualise the design concept.

Photo Imaging and Entertainment

Companies that handle the processing or printing of photos for exhibits or galleries rely on wide format printers to deliver the materials their clients need. Aside from allowing them to produce large copies of the photographs, these printing devices also enable them to print outputs which are on-point in terms of colour. This is because, while standard printers utilise four to five colours, wide format printers have over a dozen colours and bear the ability to imitate Pantone standard hues.

Similarly, the entertainment industry needs large format printers to recreate certain scenes. To be more specific, theatre productions and movie sets depend on wide format printing to create the backdrops they need. Again, aside from this huge size, the image quality on these backdrops must be superb for viewers to be engrossed and immersed in the production.

Other industries where large format printing is essential are education, healthcare, automotive and transportation. Just like those stated above, these sectors require large-sized printed materials with excellent image clarity that only wide format printers can deliver.

If you own a business in any of these industries, then consider purchasing large format printers. While they may be expensive, these printing devices are investments which offer high returns. Furthermore, in the long run, buying your own printer is more cost-effective, especially if your business consistently needs large-sized printed materials, be it schematics, posters or backdrops. In addition, with a wide format printer at your disposal, you can produce the materials you need, when you need them. No need to wait and waste time!

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photo by Davidmorgans [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons