Once you’ve decided what you need your copier to do and have a general idea of the features you require, you are ready to start looking. But where should you look?

A good place to start is to contact an authorised reseller of a well known brand. In a professional company the sales staff should be knowledgeable, so should be able to answer any additional questions you have, and should be able to help you foresee any potential issues before they arise.

You can ask for references as it is always interesting to speak with current clients of the company to assess their experiences of technical service, staff and the customer service generally. This is important as you are entering into a long term relationship with this organisation.

Financing a copier
A very popular option is to opt for a contract hire plan instead of buying outright. There are three major advantages of the contract hire plan.

  1. There is no capital outlay.
  2. You pay for the equipment as you use it.
  3. You can keep up to date with changing technology.