The opportunity to create a Paperless Office  eCopy

By installing the eCopy software onto your current multifunctional printer devices the scan functionality can be used to convert paper documents into electronic information which is editable; saving you considerable time and money.

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The creation of these electronic documents ensures environmental sustainability, savings in money and time and higher security for your confidential documents.

In today’s business climate, with frequent document breaches, ensuring confidentiality and security for your documents is of the highest importance.

eCopy can offer you the chance to meet compliance targets through its workflow creation. By creating a secure workflow you can build in document encryption and ensure that certain text, for example credit card numbers, in the document can be taken out during the scan to keep confidentiality high.

More security measures can also be added to include user authentication meaning a certain level of employee, department or pin holder can only access the document.

Audit trails of all information scanned will also automatically be created so you will always be able to follow the workflow and find out who has viewed each confidential document.

Savings in money and time are also highly important for all companies to keep their profits high and their overheads low.

With eCopy environmental targets can be met which in turn saves money on paper resources.

Eliminating the need for paper copies of documents and added distribution through post, photocopying or printing multiple copies will have a worthwhile impact on the environment and on the company purse.

The software will also be compatible with your existing multifunction printer devices(MFD’s) so no new hardware is needed and by fitting into your existing network, through your device, you can create workflows within the network and outside using scan to email.

The most important way eCopy can save you time and money is through the conversion from print into electronic document.

The creation of either word or excel documents which recreated the scanned document into an electronic copy which can be edited saves employee time in manual creation of tables and forms and entering information.

This can be further utilised if your company has a content management system as a workflow can be created for certain documents, such as invoices or contracts, and the fields on the scanned copies can be recognised and entered into the fields of your content management system automatically.


To find out more about eCopy, please click here


Barry Daly