Just like computers, printers are essential in the day-to-day operations of most businesses and for most businesses investing in Managed Print Services is a no brainer. Very often, printer problems send business owners and employees in a panic. While printer issues are understandably frustrating, some of them can be easily resolved without the help of professional technicians. Click here if you would like to hear more about our FREE Print Audit which will help get you a clearer picture of how much your printing is costing your business today and how you can improve efficacy and reduce costs.

Listed below are some solutions to common Canon printer issues.

Printer Doesn’t Print

Seems obvious, but try checking if the printer is properly plugged in and turned on. The machine begins printing once the ON lamp is lit and not flashing. Delays are likewise experienced when printing materials with a lot of photos or graphics. Again, just wait for the ON lamp to stop flashing. Printing commences once the lamp is steady.

Sometimes, the presence of un-deleted print jobs is the culprit. Remove these print jobs from the queue. Then, retry printing your material.

Slow Printer

A slow running printer is one of the most common printer problems. This usually happens when the equipment is set to print high quality output. A simple way to rev up your printer’s performance is to reduce the print quality or change the setting to draft mode. Doing this won’t just improve your printer’s speed but also help you save on ink or toner. Another way to improve your equipment’s printing speed is to omit the graphics, if you’re printing pages from websites.

Paper Jam

There is a warning message or an alarm notifying you when a paper is jammed in your printer. The first thing you must do is to turn off the printer and unplug it. Then, without touching the film or rail, gently pull out the jammed paper. Make sure no slips of paper are left inside.

Faded Or Very Light Prints

A poor print quality issue is usually due to a clogged print head. Dried ink is often the primary cause of the blockage.This is fairly common in inkjet printers which are not frequently used. Apart from being too light, prints may also have horizontal lines or be too spotty. You can clear the dried ink using the printer’s utility program. After running the program, print a test page to check if the problem is resolved.

Sometimes, faded prints happen because the ink is about to run out. However, should this be the case, your printer gives an alert for this. If this is the culprit, make sure you change the cartridges.

“No Paper” Alert Appears

When “No Paper” error appears even if there’s paper on the printer, there may be a foreign object on the rear tray. Turn off and unplug the printer; then, remove the object.

The problem may also be because the paper isn’t properly loaded into the machine. When loading paper, make sure that the edges of the sheets of paper are aligned. The paper should also be loaded in a portrait orientation.

At times, the error appears because the paper is curled, wrinkled or too thick. Try replacing the paper. Also, ensure that the paper you’re loading matches the paper size settings of the file being printed. Lastly, try cleaning the paper feed roller to resolve this problem.

Printing Isn’t Completed

Sometimes, the printing stops in the middle of the task. This isn’t unusual, especially if you are printing photo or graphic-heavy materials or files. When this happens, the machine and computer may be processing the large data. When the processing is done, the printing resumes.

Printing may also pause if your machine has been printing for an extended period of time, causing certain parts like the print head to overheat. Allow your machine to rest for a while. If the printer doesn’t resume printing on its own, turn it off for at least 15 minutes. If this still doesn’t work, it’s best to call a professional printer maintenance service provider for an accurate assessment of the cause of the problem. ( The Intuity service desk is at 1890 987 900)

With the tips above, you can troubleshoot printer problems on your own, without spending a lot. It is important to note, however, that certain printer issues require professional repair. So, if the fixes suggested above do not work and if you encounter problems apart from those mentioned, do not hesitate to call a printer maintenance service provider.

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