Even in this so-called digital age, many organisations still heavily rely on printing devices. In fact, demand for smart multifunction printers (MFPs) remain high. If printing is an integral part of your business operations, invest on the latest smart MFPs and do it ASAP because now is the best time to have this equipment in your office.

Why You Need Smart MFPs

Security: With the GDPR coming to full force on May 2018, having secure printers should be a priority for your company. Keep in mind, printers, being endpoints of networks, are susceptible to hacking. Hence, without the proper technology in place, your company is vulnerable to security threats.

Smart MFPs can help you avoid print-related breaches as these devices have advanced security technology. Data routed or stored in MFPs are encrypted. Furthermore, to prevent unauthorised access, they have features like PIN code or secure user access. No one can use the printers or take printed documents without the proper credentials. You can also track device usage thereby enabling you to identify who’s responsible for any data leak.

Mobility: The trend points towards the use of mobile devices as the standard in most organisations, especially as more companies embrace the BYOD and work-from-home practices. According to a report, 75% of employees are going to be working on mobile devices by 2018.

Of course, with the adoption of these practices comes the need to have the proper office equipment to make sure that business processes remain seamless. For example, employees need to be able to print from anywhere, be it from their homes or a client’s office. Smart MFPs have the technology that allows secure mobile printing. Therefore, your employees can print wherever they are and even outside your business network. With this printer capability, they (and your company) can save time and resources.

Cost Tracking: These smart devices, with their advanced print management software, can help you track all copying, scanning and printing activity. Reports can be generated for you to understand how your organisation is utilising your print infrastructure, including what you are spending on as well as how much.

With smart MFPs, you can keep track of your company’s printing cost and make proper budgetary adjustments and allotments. You can also implement measures to maximise devise usage and come up with an efficient printing process or protocol to minimise wastage. Lastly, knowing how much your usual print costs are, you can come up with an accurate printing structure and ensure margin protection.

Productivity: With the features of the latest models of smart MFPs, it is safe to say that these advanced printing devices are powerful productivity tools. Apart from allowing employees to print remotely, these advanced printers can help simplify and speed up laborious paper-intensive business processes.

Capable of intelligently capturing and processing information, these devices can automatically save and encrypt printed or copied documents. Moreover, smart MFPs can scan and route files to desired destinations like a specific folder on a network or your employee’s email. With this feature, the need for paper-trails is minimised and departments like accounting and HR are spared from manually archiving tons of papers.

Digitisation: In the past years, more and more companies are digitising their files. One of the biggest reasons for this is to decrease the physical space needed to store these documents. With digitised documents, you can save on storage fees or even generate money from these spaces by converting them into additional work stations.

Most importantly, digitisation would allow your employees to access files easily and quickly. There is no need for them to scour boxes or cabinets of paper documents. They can just simply use the computer and search for the digital files.

With all these advantages, it is imperative for you to start investing on smart multifunction printers as it would definitely help your company stay competitive and profitable.

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Photo by Jamison_Judd Smart Multifunction Printers – Why Businesses Need Them Now