By now, businesses should no longer see a print infrastructure with mobile printing capability as a nice-to-have but rather a must-have. With more employees relying on mobile devices these days, being able to print on any device and from anywhere is already a necessity. The absence of technology to support this need can inconvenience employees and consequently, hamper their productivity.

So, if mobile devices are heavily used in your business or if you are implementing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, investing in mobile printing should be a priority. Similarly, if a significant part of your workforce is always on the field or work remotely, having the technology to enable these employees to print without hassle is a must.

Will investing in mobile print solutions really help your business? Yes, in fact, having mobile print technology and solutions in your print infrastructure can benefit your company in a lot ways. Studies show that employee productivity increased in businesses which integrated mobile printing into their print infrastructure. Furthermore, it made business processes simpler and more efficient.

In addition, it has resulted in additional savings for some enterprises as it reduced wasteful printing practices. Before, even if employees were unsure if they would need a document for a meeting, they would opt to print it still since they won’t readily and quickly be able to do this with their existing print infrastructure. In case they need the document, this would mean stepping out from the meeting for quite a while just to print. This is no longer the case when technology that allows mobile printing is available. Employees do not have to worry about interrupting meetings to prepare the documents and spending an inordinate amount of time printing. Hence, they do not feel the need to print documents ahead of time anymore.

Clearly, unless you own a small business that does not do a lot of printing, you should not make print mobility an afterthought when planning your print infrastructure. With the cutthroat competition out there, you need to invest in tools, including mobile print technology, that can help you keep up with your competitors.

Furthermore, acquiring the technology and software for mobile printing is no longer difficult. Industry leaders in the printing business have a wide array of devices and solutions that support mobile printing.

For example, Canon, a trusted printer brand, has a host of multifunction printers (MFPs) and software that enable efficient print mobility. Its third generation ImageRUNNER ADVANCE and its so-called Canon PRINT business allow users to perform multiple tasks from their mobile devices with ease. Aside from being able to print from their devices, users can also scan documents on the MFP and save it directly on their phone or tablet. They could even attach it in an email.

What’s even great now is that a lot of products out there with mobile printing capabilities were designed with security in mind. Canon’s uniFLOW, for example, has a secure mobile release feature. Here, documents are only released only after users verify their identity. Features such as this allay fears about mobile printing security, particularly documents being printed even when the user isn’t around and eventually ending up in the wrong hands.

You have to understand, however, that incorporating mobile print solutions into the IT infrastructure is more than just buying devices and software that allows mobile printing. You need to develop processes and guidelines to ensure that workflows are simple yet efficient and more importantly, secure.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay