Our Approach To GDPR

Our Approach To GDPRWith less than a year to go before its implementation, your company should start working towards being GDPR-compliant NOW!

Most importantly, work with service providers who can provide you with the know-how and office technology you need to comply with the regulations.

Developing operational procedures that adhere to the regulation is a lengthy process. Moreover, it’s not an easy endeavour given the myriad of tasks that need to be accomplished.

To successfully comply with the GDPR requirements, you need to have the right partners and the right technology.

We at Intuity Technologies understand the challenges that companies face when it comes to complying with the GDPR, particularly in terms of having a secure print infrastructure.

Print security is an integral part of the GDPR compliance exercise. Unfortunately, many businesses have developed the habit of ignoring the importance of having a secure printing system. A testament to this is a survey wherein 63% of companies admitted experiencing one or more print-related breaches.

Another study states that 35% of security breaches may be attributed to print security deficiencies.With the GDPR in the horizon, this neglect cannot continue.

As you work towards being GDPR-compliant, print security should be high on your agenda. Your printers or MFPs (multifunction printers) must have features that protect personal data and minimise data breaches. We are here to help you make this happen.

We have an array of MFPs and printing solutions with top-notch security features that can help you track printing jobs and prevent unauthorised personnel from getting pertinent documents. Some of these devices even allow you to redact sensitive information on the copies. There are also those with security solutions that alert key personnel of possible print-related breaches.

Please view following document on Canon and Information Security

We know that different companies have different requirements for their print infrastructure.

This is why, on top of providing the technology, part of our approach to helping companies have a GDPR-compliant printing system is to conduct a thorough evaluation of their current printing processes.

With this evaluation, we would be able to provide you with the best advice on what measures and technology you can employ for your printing system to be GDPR ready.

Please let us help you make your office printing procedure and system GDPR-compliant and Call us at at 1890 987 900 today!

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