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Canon uniFLOW

uniFlow Output Manager

Canon uniFLOW Output Manager is one total solution that targets your complete document workflow ranging from document accounting and secure printing to job ticketing and professional print room management.

It is designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet. With its modular design, the uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organization, and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Control scanning, printing and copying effectively with uniFLOW Version 5

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One platform for printing, copying and scanning management

uniFLOW for SMB(Small & Medium Businesses)

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uniFLOW offers organizations the following functionality:

  • Full accounting and reporting (Canon and 3rd-Party devices)
  • Follow me printing, and device authentication (Canon and 3rd-Party devices)
  • Secure mobile printing (Any mobile platform)
  • Print room management (CRDs and/or print rooms)
  • Job routing (Canon and 3rd-Party devices, including desktop printers)
  • Scanning workflows (Scan to Mail, Scan to folder, Scan to MS SharePoint, and advanced business processes)

Benefits of Canon uniFLOW to you:

  • You can bill back print costs to departments, spot culprits and set rules to stop inappropriate use of colour.
  • You can make better use and have more visibility of your printer fleet
  • You can have precise management information and in depth reports on demand.
  • You can set up rules based print routing with pop-ups and useful user instructions to save money.
  • You can run reports on who printed and didn’t collect!
  • You can set up follow me print.
  • You can use a PIN number, swipe card or fob key to identify users.
  • You can set individual user settings under each PIN thus restricting the use of colour to chosen users.
  • You can scan to email and through PIN authentication your scan is sent from your own email address.
  • You can keep track of all of your laser printers.

As well as monitoring all of your printing Uniflow will also monitor and control your copying. uniFLOW is a modular solution which can change with your requirements.

The bottom line is that you can save 10% – 30% while increasing the level of service to your users by paying closer attention to Multifunction Print Devices(MFD’s) and printer fleets.



uniFLOW Software Solutions

Control scanning, printing and copying effectively with uniFLOW Version 5

Making every print count

Canon uniFLOW Printing Intelligence report sample

Canon uniFLOW for Small Business Frequently Asked Questions 


Managed Print Services Dublin

Canon uniFLOW Output Manager is an integrated solution, featuring not only printer management functionalities like printer accounting, copy accounting, and secure printing, but also production printing features like print room management, job ticketing and production management.

As Canon uniFLOW Output Manager is a modular system, it can be configured specifically to address the needs of your business, ensuring you can make the most productive use of your printing devices. Companies, local schools, and print shops: wherever you need to improve the management and cost control of document output, Canon uniFLOW Output Manager can help.