Instant access to key information maximises efficiency

Information is the lifeblood of your business – the backbone of effective decision-making. So it’s frustrating when on average people spend over four hours per week looking for information.

Therefore™ quickly overhauls these inefficiencies with an easy-to-implement storage and retrieval system, giving everyone instant access to all the information they need efficiently, economically and securely.


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Easy filing the Therefore™ way

Put simply, Therefore™ allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. With it, you can capture, organise and access fixed content, images, documents, reports and other business-critical information.

Locating stored information is simple via a universal interface, or even the web, so staff require minimal training resulting in a far more efficient way of working.

Electronically file all types of information

These days information comes in many formats and from many different sources.

With Therefore™ that’s not an issue. Paper documents, electronic files, barcodes, and emails – they’re all effortlessly manageable with Therefore™.

With Therefore™ Anywhere, users can search, edit and view documents while not being connected to a Therefore™ server. When they reconnect, all changes are synchronized.

This feature enables staff to access and edit documents even when away from the office.

Therefore™ information management software is a solution that can help organizations all around the world work smarter by offering a way to improve the storage, management, and processing of information.

With Therefore™, Canon  offer a complete end-to-end solution from input management, to document management and workflow, to output management.

Therefore™ Integration

Integration with multifunction printers(MFPs)

ThereforeTherefore™ enables seamless integration with Canon MFPs.

The Therefore™ multifunction printer(MFP) Application is a mobile enterprise application platform(MEAP) application, which integrates Canon imageRUNNER devices directly with the Therefore™ system.

Users scan documents at the device and save them directly to Therefore™, together with all the necessary index data. The classification, indexing and storage can occur directly on the display on the Canon multifunction printer (MFP) – your Personal Computer(PC) does not even need to be on!

Integration with 3rd Party Software

Therefore™ integrates with SAP® R/3®, Microsoft® Dynamics NAV®, Microsoft SharePoint and COLD mainframes.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ThereforeThe Therefore™ Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector allows users to interact seamlessly between Therefore and Microsoft® Dynamics NAV®. Therefore™ in conjunction with Microsoft® Dynamics NAV® allows users a real-time view of the entire document flow throughout the organization with easy access to all data and documents produced.

The end result is a complete and customizable business management solution that will save time and money. While using Microsoft® Dynamics NAV®, users can:

  • Scan documents
  • Import documents
  • Automatically index documents in Therefore™ from fields in Microsoft® Dynamics NAV®
  • Retrieve documents
  • Print documents
  • Distribute documents
  • View Documents

Why Choose Therefore™?

People at work need access to information. To import and integrate. To share and compare. To store and retrieve. To distribute and print. They need it electronically and they need it now.

Therefore™ document solutions enable users to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout their department or organisation. Which means that they can access and use the information they need to help meet business objectives.


No out of control document mountains. No missing or mistaken information. No sending to the wrong recipients. Just fast, efficient, document flow that gives you a productive business edge through improved customer service.


By connecting people with the information they need, Therefore™ document solutions can speed up business cycles and generate a fast return on investment. They can also scale-up in-line with business growth, saving on expensive replacement systems. More electronic document processing also means less print and lower output costs. Greater efficiency also enables resources to be reallocated from administrative tasks to core business.


Using information securely is essential in today’s world where fraud is becoming more commonplace. Therefore™ document solutions enable you to stay compliant with legal and industry regulations, while keeping data safe by limiting access to authorised users only. So information can flow freely through an organisation, but still be totally protected.