Office Recycling Services

Compliant Information Technology Asset Disposal and Secure Data Destruction

Office Recycling Services

Intuity Technologies in partnership with Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery can recycle your copiers, copier toner bottles, laser printer toners and inkjet printer cartridges and information technology (I.T.) equipment

Please see on this page the items that can be recycled and those that cannot be recycled

We will provide certificate of Waste Disposal of WEEE at a licenced facility. Please see sample on this page 

Please click here to see our Collection and Recycling Charges.

To book a collection, please call us now on 1890 987 900 or email or contact us via our Contact form with your requirements.

Our partner, Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery specialise in Photocopier & Large Floor Standing Printer Recycling.

All photocopiers and printers are recyclable – no matter what make or how old.

From their base in South Dublin, Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery can provide you with a safe, secure, compliant solution for the management of all types of Photocopier & Large Floor Printer Waste.

The information technology (I.T.) Asset Recovery process for Photocopiers includes the testing, repairing and refurbishing in preparation for Reuse and Remarketing of all photocopiers.

Please click here to see our Collection and Recycling Charges.

Canon & Office Recycling Services Office Printer Toner / Drum Recycling Service

Environmentally Friendly Imaging Supplies for a Wide Range of Imaging Equipment

One of Katun’s core values is to be environmentally friendly – we believe that in order for people and organizations to prosper, we must protect the environment first, as a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand-in-hand. So be a recycling hero too !

  • Recycle as many used drum cores and toner cartridges as you can.
  • Help minimize the impact on our planet by disposing of waste responsibly and not in landfills.
  • Contribute to the availability of high-quality, cost-saving remanufactured products from Katun for use in Canon printers, copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs).
  • Participate in the circular economy*.

Katun actively participates in the circular economy – by selling remanufactured imaging supplies that provide our dealer and distributor customers with high quality, cost effective replacement parts.

Therefore, we greatly encourage our customers to return all of their used cartridges and drum units to our collection partners, so we can keep providing you with remanufactured products for use in a wide range of OEM brands such as Canon, Konica Minolta, Olivetti, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp and Xerox (download the complete list of collected parts here).

Make a difference for your business and the environment today! 

Click on this drop-down menu below and select your country to find out which recycling company we recommend for your used office e-waste. If you do not see your country listed, we currently do not have a recycling partner available but still encourage you to recycle.

Please work with our technicians or ship to our office and we will organise Katun to dispose of your empty Canon and Katun Canon compatible toners free of charge.  If the recycling company collects at your premises, there will be a charge.

We recommend you to recycle all your office e-waste with Waterloo Business Management, including Canon/Katun drum cores and toner cartridges


Office Printer Hard Disk Drive Cleaning Service

Intuity Technologies offers a Copier Hard Disk Drive cleaning service.  Please click on this page for more information on this service.

Please see details on this page of our Data Destruction Services and please see sample certificate of our Degaussing service on this page


Office Recycling Services

Due to the nature of the business they will produce WEEE as a by-product of the industrial processes. For example any item found to be BER (beyond economical repair) or obsolete with no remarketing opportunity will be deemed as WEEE by them and disposed of in accordance with WEEE legislation.

* Due to their large size and weight, health and safety guidelines recommend that we have two people present when removing these large and heavy items. As such, a small collection charge applies to all collections of Photocopiers and Large Floor Standing Printers.

Please click here to see our Collection and Recycling Charges.

To book a collection, please call us now on 1890 987 900 or email or contact us via our Contact form with your requirements.

NOTE: Photocopiers do not need to be in working order.

Office Recycling Services Office Recycling ServicesOffice Recycling ServicesOffice Recycling ServicesOffice Recycling Services




FREE Laser Toner & Inkjet Cartridge Recycling



Canon’s toner cartridge recycling programme provides you with a free, easy and environmentally responsible way to recycle your empty Canon toner cartridges.


Did you know that Canon has been operating a cartridge recycling programme since 1990?

Canon is committed to a no waste to landfill policy. Each element of every returned toner cartridge is reused or recycled – be it as a component in a new toner cartridge, as a base material in other industries, or as a substitute for fossil fuels. No part of the toner cartridge is sent to landfill. 

Please click on this page for more information on how to recycle original Canon toners for Canon i-SENSYS printers.




Office Recycling Services                                      Office Recycling Services

As part of Oki’s commitment to protecting the environment, they are pleased to offer customers free recycling facilities for all genuine OKI Original consumables such as toner cartridges, image drums (EP cartridges), fuser units, transfer belts, waste toner bottles and ribbons.
There are two options for returning used consumables to us depending upon the quantity and weight of the item/s to be returned:


We offer a FREEPOST service where items can be returned via the postal service. Please note that this service is for less than 10 items with a maximum weight of 5kg per package.

Find out more >



The Recycling Bin service is provided completely free of charge. The bin/s, complete with red lining bags, can be placed at convenient locations around your premises. Once they are full, the red lining bags can be sealed with the tie wraps provided and are collected by us – free of charge. Please note this service is for more than 10 items, or for any items which weigh over 5kg.Find out more >




Thank you for Recycling your OKI consumables

Oki’s recycling programme helps to reduce waste to landfill by recycling the materials used in consumable items. Currently, Oki recycle 97% of materials returned through this scheme.

At Brother, they take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and encourage customers to do the same by sending their used printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges for recycling at no cost.

With your help, we can continue to minimise our impact on the environment.

Thank you for choosing to recycle your Brother toner supplies. The process is quick, easy and free. Please select your service requirements from the options on this page according to the amount of empty cartridges you have.

By recycling you are helping to protect environment.

We assure you that absolutely nothing goes to landfill and any empty supplies we cannot reuse will be recycled. This means you are contributing to a sustainable circular economy. Please note these services are only free for genuine Brother supplies.




HP & Samsung supplies recycling

HP’s Planet Partners recycling service provides an easy way to recycle. HP’s state-of-the-art processes ensure that computer hardware, empty HP & Samsung printing supplies and other items are recycled responsibly.

  • Recycle HP Inkjet and LaserJet cartridges for free
  • Recycle any brand of computer hardware
  • Use the online ordering tool to request recycling services
  • Recycle HP Large Format Banner/Media for free
  • Recycle packaging material that was shipped with hardware, at no extra cost.

UK supplies recycling program
UK hardware recycling program

Office Recycling Services

Recycling Epson ink cartridges

To conserve valuable resources and reduce waste, we aim to use recycled materials and create recyclable products – including our ink cartridges and packaging.

This contributes to the target that EPSON has set to reduce their global carbon emissions by 90 per cent before 2050.

Ink cartridge recycling programme

Our free-of-charge service makes it easy for customers to dispose of their empty Epson ink cartridges in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Request a free return envelope and post your cartridge to us

You can also recycle toner and large format printer cartridges by returning them in the post or requesting collection boxes.

Whichever way you to choose to send us your cartridges and toner, we’ll ensure they are properly recycled.



Kyocera Toner Take-Back Service

Our bulk toner take-back service comes with a specially designed toner collection box in a choice of two sizes which is used to store empty toners and then collected when it is full. This service is free, and is managed very easily via a dedicated web portal

If you are a home user or a very small office, you can still return single toners to us using a downloadable Freepost label. If you registered for the single toner returns service before 7th November 2014, please click the link to re-register and we will send you a new returns label containing the barcode that is now required by the Post Office in addition to the Freepost address

How it works

Toner collection boxes are available in two sizes – box “M” can hold around 15-20 toners and box “L” can hold around 40-50 toners.  We suggest you use box “M” if you use more than 10 toners per year and box “L” if you use more than 25 toners per year. You can order empty collection boxes, which are supplied in flat-packs containing 3 boxes, from the web portal. You use the same web portal to request collection of the box(es) when they are full. If you are a large business, you can of course order multiple packs of empty boxes and arrange collection for more than one box at a time. You only need register once on the web portal, where you will have the opportunity to set up an account which saves your address details and keeps track of your orders.

KYOCERA is happy to confirm this service is free of charge in order to ensure that our spent consumables are properly disposed of by best environmental methods and our service complies fully with UK WEEE legislation.

There are just a couple of points we would like you to remember when returning toners for recycling:

  • Please do not request collection of your box until it is completely full, as shipping part-filled boxes increases the environmental impact of transport.
  • Please do not return consumables from other manufacturers, including Kyocera compatible toners. We can only accept genuine Kyocera toner cassettes and waste toner bottles.
  • Please do seal items securely in the plastic bags that are included in the packaging of new Kyocera consumables. This avoids toner leakage during transport.


Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme

Office Recycling Services

A simple way to be part of the Circular Economy

We’ve all got an important role to play in minimising our impact on the environment. Thanks to the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP), being responsible doesn’t have to be difficult or compromise business performance. LCCP combines high-performance logistics and service with innovative tools to offer you a collection, recycling and reuse process that’s modern, efficient and ideally adapted to your consumption volumes. In addition to paying the transportation costs of your used cartridges, Lexmark gives you convenient online access and interactive tools to schedule pick-ups, track returns, order recycling container and more.

Get started today!

Whatever the size of your company, we’ve got a Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme perfectly tailored to your needs. Please select your company size below, to get started today…

Learn more



A history of quantifiable results

  • All cartridges collected by Lexmark are 100% reused or recycled. That means, no landfill waste and zero incineration.
  • Last year, Lexmark customers returned more than 35% of the total toner cartridges sold.
  • Since 1996, Lexmark has reused over 19 million kilogrammes of recovered cartridge material.
  • 1 out 3 cartridges collected is reused to produce a Lexmark Corporate Cartridge.
  • Lexmark’s new cartridges contain up to 28% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic content.