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Print Survey and Total Cost of Ownership

A print survey is important. We have been helping customers with print surveys for a long time to identify areas which require attention and address with cost-effective print solutions.

Statistics indicate that most organisations spend between 1% and 3% of total revenue on document output.
Source : GARTNER

Most Information Technology (IT) departments spend up to 15% of their time responding to printing and related issues.
Source: IDC

Printers account for more than 50% of computer network traffic and up to 60% of helpdesk calls.
Source: Information Week

A print strategy will:

  • Reduce waste and unnecessary printer devices by employing ‘photocopiers’ as printers and scanners;
  • Deliver a consistent user printing experience, speeding up day-to-day operations;
  • Future-proof printer investment;
  • Help you buy printer devices based on actual need rather than guesswork

Intuity Technologies use Print Audit  as our preferred audit tool for your FREE OF CHARGE print audit.
Print Audit will generate the following key data for you:
1. All printing and copying associated costs can be tracked and stored.
2. The built-in reporting system allows you to see how much each printer and user is costing the organisation.
3. Automated tracking of overall print volume and very detailed statistics of all printing activity.

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