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Free Print Audit

Free Print Audit
The most accurate solution available to provide up to date printer cost & volume usage

  • No Hardware installation on your computer network required
  • Quickly gathers print totals as well as makes & models from all networked print devices
  • Discovers and inventories networked print devices

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Do you know how much your office printers are costing you?   If you are a typical organisation, you do not know exactly how much you spend on documents. You can save 10% – 30% while increasing the level of service to users by paying closer attention to multifunction print devices and printer fleets. Find out how to save on printing.  

Discover your true printing costs with a print audit Our audits have demonstrated substantial print cost SAVINGS of up to 60%.  This audit is designed to highlight inefficiencies and help you to control spiralling costs. We will carry out a print audit, and present you with a detailed report of your current situation and recommendations for significant print cost savings.

  • Accurate and sustained measurement of the volume of printing across the network
  • True realised breakdown of document output costs
  • Standard universal print drivers
  • Single sourced supplier for service and supplies
  • Reduction in administrative costs, both tangible and intangible
  • Brand new hardware
  • Improved document workflow opportunities

The service is great value. We’ll simply provide you with information about the savings you can make. Print Audit Rapid Assessment Key allows us to help you by discovering real time data about all your print devices and generate detailed reports in minutes without hardware installation on your computer network.

We gather printer meter readings, discover print devices and troubleshoot your document print issues in minutes (for example; identify whether you are sending most of your print jobs to the more expensive print device). Print Audit is the ONLY print management solution that has developed partnerships with all of the major office equipment manufacturers. This ensures Rapid Assessment Key can access vital information to produce the most accurate scan results in the industry.

  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • No software or hardware installation is required on the computer network
  • Scans computer network of any size in just moments
  • Very compact and efficient software architecture
  • Operates via a 256MB USB 2.0 thumb drive
  • Works with Windows 2000 & newer

The Rapid Assessment Key includes a powerful reporting tool that allows us to assign a cost per page and generate comparison reports between current and previous scans. Reports are generated via an easy to use reporting wizard that can be customised according to specifications. Data can also be exported to an excel file. It instantly discovers; device status, toner levels, Life page count, Colour versus Black counts, Print versus Copy counts, Scan/Fax counts, Serial number, IP address, MAC address, device description, asset number, and location.

Please fill out the form below to request a FREE Print Audit.


Verification - Required