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Easy Print Management

Easy Print Management
We can help you manage your printing from the desktop . Helping you reduce costs, accelerate problem resolution and provide complete control of all your networked printers

Our service even sends low toner, paper jams and maintenance alerts to a designated administrator’s email so you can quickly resolve issues thereby increasing your printer up time and enjoy the costs savings.

The service updates address books & retrieves and resets IP addresses, locations, system manager contact information and device settings at will.


Image Ware Management Console

Image Ware Management Console is a web-based network device management solution, designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of multifunctional printers and ensure maximum productivity. It is designed to manage, monitor and control multiple networked MFPs and printers across an organisation, for Canon and third party devices. This simple centralised console allows administrators to reduce the total cost of ownership of multiple devices on the network significantly

Do you want to manage your devices centrally?

With Image Ware Management Console, businesses have an intuitive device manager that allows administrators to easily access device information in real-time and monitor individual devices constantly, to ensure uptime. Device status information like hard disk space and paper quantities remaining in the unit also can be retrieved centrally by clicking on the relevant device icon through the remote user interface on the administrator’s PC.

Maximise uptime

To ensure that Multifunction Printers within an organisation are running smoothly (in order to reduce downtime) Image Ware Management Console monitors device performance. It sends notification alerts to guarantee the fast resolution of errors, including paper jams and other faults. The Console is also capable of discovering any new devices, ensuring that an organisation’s network is as secure as possible.

Automated Task Management

Image Ware Management Console is designed to reduce administrators’ workload and user disruption through advanced automated task management and grouping capabilities. Several tasks can be set up for the device settings and then they can be executed overnight or at weekends to minimize disruption during business hours.


Image Ware Management Console is a highly scalable platform that allows additional application software plug-ins so that the solution can grow in-line with requirements and needs. The iR address book management plug-in and printer driver management plug-in are currently available. The Address Book Management plug in allows address books to be set up and managed centrally and distributed to Canon iR/iR C devices according to a company’s infrastructure. The Printer Driver plug-in enables Canon printer drivers to be centrally managed and installed onto Individual’s PC’s from Image Ware Management Console.