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Canon IRIS

Canon IRIS

Canon IRIS

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Improve productivity by compressing large files for easy sharing and storage.

Canon’s cost-effective & powerful document compression and conversion tool allows you to shrink files to up to 50 times smaller than their original size for high-speed file transfer and quick and easy file storage and retrieval.

You can also convert images and PDFs into fully searchable and editable formats.

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Save money on storage space

• Save time uploading/downloading files

• Work more efficiently by being able to more easily share files over slow internet
connections (ideal for mobile workers using laptops with 3G cards)

• Save time by converting images and PDFs to numerous fully editable and searchable formats instead of re-typing

• Save time by searching the contents of
image files based on key words and phrases

• Reduce the cost of storing your images and the time and cost of backing them up

• Improve efficiency by reducing network bandwidth requirements and speeding up the transfer of files

• Easy-to-install and use software

Document Compression

Dramatically reduce the size of your image files

• Create highly compressed PDF (including PDF/A for long-term archiving) and XPS files from your image files without compromising visual quality, text resolution or the legibility of your documents

• Use unique and state-of-the-art high compression technology which can compress text and image files up to 50 times their original size without affecting quality

Document Conversion 

Recognise text in 137 languages, including extensive dictionary support for each language

• Recognise numerous other formats such as barcodes and business cards

• Convert document images into fully searchable and editable formats

• Improve the quality of scanned images with image enhancement tools

• Numerous output formats are available to suit specific business needs

Canon IRIS

To find out more,

please telephone 01 460 44 44 

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