Free Canon Copier Spring Health Check

Free Canon Copier Spring Health CheckWhile there is no real way to predict what the weather will bring, you can ensure your Canon photocopier is in optimum condition. Intuity Technologies is offering a Free Canon Copier Health Check to ensure your copier is fully prepared to work throughout the year.

Our Canon approved technicians will carry out a comprehensive check of your Canon photocopier free of charge*

For example, your printer needs a service call if:

  • Marks, lines, spots or other defects, remain on the printed page after changing the toner cartridge.
  • Printer makes an unusual noise even after changing the toner cartridge.
  • You cannot print even after checking the cable connections, printer is ‘on line’, or correct printer chosen.
  • There is frequently jamming even after fanning and reloading paper.
  • Printer displays an error code. (Please provide error code when calling)

*Please note the Health Check is complimentary. The offer is valid in Dublin only. Any work identified as needing attention as a result of this check (which you want carried out) will be charged.

Interested? Please, call us now on 1890 987 900 or fill out our contact form.