Preference for mobile devices is growing, as more organisations adopt a flexible work set-up and the BYOD program. In the coming years, reliance on smartphones and tablets is expected to continue to rise with the entry of more millennials into the workforce and the rise in the number of remote workers.

With the aforementioned forecast and as smartphones and other mobile platforms continue to improve, it is safe to say that mobile devices are going to dominate the business world for quite a while. As the use of smartphones, laptops and tablets becomes the norm in most enterprises including yours, enabling mobile printing is a must.

A lot of organisations now recognise that mobile printing is an essential part of today’s IT infrastructure. It is necessary for policies like BYOD and remote work set-up to become successful. Mobile printing is also integral for work process to have a seamless flow and for your workforce to be more productive.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not enough that your employees are able to print documents from any location at any given time. It is highly important that they are able to do this task in a secure manner. In short, secure mobile printing should be your priority.

Why Is Secure Mobile Printing Important?

Security is the top concern of company owners when it comes to mobile printing. This is understandable, especially with a report stating that data breaches due to an unsecured print infrastructure happen to a lot of businesses.

Furthermore, with employees printing remotely, some executives are concerned that printed documents may be intercepted by others. This worry is not unfounded because incidents like this may happen if essential security measures and solutions are not in place. Unauthorised people may even connect to your network and access confidential information about your employees and clients.

Enabling mobile printing may open your network to security breaches. These data breaches are extremely costly; one incident can cause companies to lose millions. Enterprises that get entangled in this problem also suffer reputational damage. Clients lose trust in them; their customer base shrinks as well as their revenue.

Moreover, with the GDPR coming to force on May 2018, these breaches can result in fines and even in legal woes. Under this landmark privacy legislation, people affected by the breach can go after you for infringing their privacy rights.

So, in your pursuit to give your workforce a positive print experience, do not take mobile print security for granted. Invest in printing devices and solutions that allow easy and reliable printing from mobile devices and at the same time, ensure the protection of confidential data.

Fortunately, printer manufacturers understand the need for stronger mobile security. Trusted brands like Canon have printers and solutions like the uniFLOW that allow secure mobile printing.

Canon’s uniFLOW solution allows employees to print from any mobile platform to network printers in the office. What’s more is that this solution has a secure print feature. Cases of documents ending up in the wrong hands are prevented because print jobs are only released after the authorised employee enters his authentication code.

Furthermore, with the uniFLOW solution, device or identity registration is necessary before printing can commence. Hence, you can stop worrying about unauthorised people submitting print jobs or accessing your printer network.

With the right printer and solutions, ensuring mobile print security and at the same time, enabling your employees to conveniently print documents when they need to is achievable.

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