How to Reduce your Print volumes by 25%


Recent surveys show that many of us waste up to 10 per cent of what we print in the office, with up to 17 per cent of printed material consisting of e-mails and Web page print outs and 25 per cent of colour print being ‘accidental’.

Paper usage is rising by around 20% every year, with the average office worker using approximately 50 sheets of paper every day in the typical office. That is aside from other paper waste such as newspapers and magazines that they may read.

Experience shows that in a best practice small office, employees will use as little as 15 sheets of paper a day compared to a less resourceful office where each person can squander a staggering 100 sheets of paper per day.

This means that many companies have the potential to reduce costs and help reduce environmental damage. Cutting down on paper usage would help to reduce the 5 million tonnes of printing and writing papers UK businesses are estimated to throw away each year.

Wasting paper is not only a drain on our environment but is also a burden on most companies’ bottom line—they are wasting money with every piece of paper they use needlessly.

Using the right software can help users to reduce print volumes, convert colour to black and white, analyse their usage and eliminate waste. This approach can save organisations up to 60 per cent of their printing costs,

Canon uniFLOW is a Print Platform which cuts print volumes by on average 25% and allows you to control your print output.

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Printer Users

Printer Users no longer print to a printer, they print to the Canon uniFLOW print platform.

This allows the printer users to walk up to any printer in the building, key in their PIN, view their own list of print Jobs and only print what they require.

They get the same Canon uniFLOW interface on whichever printer they go to.

This keeps printing for printer users very simple.

Information Technology Department

Canon uniFLOW features a single print driver for all of your printers on the Canon uniFLOW platform.

Canon uniFLOW integrates with MiActive Directory, users and computers.

Canon uniFLOW and Active Directory limit user’s usage and controls their printing habits.

Canon uniFLOW reduces user’s dependency on the IT(Information Technology) department for basic print issues.

Canon uniFLOW fulfils Compliance and Governance obligations.

Finance Department

Canon uniFLOW features numerous standard reports including price profiles to show who printed what, where and when.

Finance can use the standard reports or set up their own bespoke reports.

These reports are automatically emailed to finance at preset times to show to the cent, by user, how much is spent on print.

Canon uniFLOW will also send a cost justification report showing the jobs that were not printed that would have been if Canon uniFLOW was not installed.

On average the installation of Canon uniFLOW results in a 25% reduction of print volumes which goes straight to the bottom line

Mobile Printing

Canon uniFLOW supports mobile printing from iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

It also supports “Guest” printing without adding guests to your network.

Guests simply send an email with the attachment to be printed to say

Canon uniFLOW then emails them a “secure code” to allow them release that job from any device on the uniFLOW platform.

Their print job is printed and deleted.

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See Canon Uniflow Demonstration Video, click here

Barry Daly