Recover Costs by improving your Office Printing processes


Most people don’t think about the back end costs associated with printing.

Many employees have the mindset that once you purchase an office printer, then prints are basically free from that point on.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and the inability to track these costs exacerbates the issue.

With a print management program, your business will be able to recover wasteful spending through these processes:

  • Track and monitor current printing behaviour around the office
  • Identify wasteful behaviour, equipment and sources of unnecessary cost
  • Optimize printing processes, equipment and systems to improve efficiency   and reduce overall costs
  • Continued management and optimization to improve processes and keep costs low

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A print management program will take your company through these steps so that your business can begin to recover lost printing and document costs.

Not only will the program help you recover lost costs, but it will also improve document workflow, reduce Information Technology (IT) support issues and improve data security.

With all of these benefits, your organisation has nothing to lose and everything to gain from considering a print management program.

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Barry Daly