Protecting your print Environment

Eighty per cent of business fraud is perpetuated by employees.

One in ten workers has stolen a database or business contact details from the office.

Could someone walk off with sensitive documents from your printer?

It’s all too simple to send a document to print, get distracted and end up forgetting about it. By the time you get round to picking up the document, someone else could have taken it, read its contents or even made a copy.

It’s also easy to forget that modern multifunctional printer devices are more than simple printers and copiers. They’re also scanners and sophisticated communication hubs, giving unauthorised users the opportunity to scan confidential documents and email them to someone else.

In regards to security, Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction printers can provide an end to end solution starting at the point of print and/or capture to a solution such as uniFLOW with both input and output management platforms.

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Documents can be processed and tracked securely giving you the peace of mind that your critical information whether it is in physical or digital format is not exposed or disclosed to unauthorized individuals or systems.

For example;

  • Secure information transfer over the network when a document is printed or scanned.
  • Enable secure data storage so that no confidential documents can be recovered from a multifunctional printer’s hard disk drive

Also you can ensure that information remains true to the original version thanks to the control of changes or deletions by prior authorisation.

In many industries, ensuring the integrity of documents is a legal requirement.

  • By applying digital signatures to scanned documents it can be ensured that the document cannot be changed and is displayed exactly the same way it had been scanned

As well as being secure, Canon ensure that the information you need is available where and when required, and in the right form.

  • Through encryption of PDF documents, the information contained can only be seen by authorised people who know the password.
  • Redundancy of important systems can ensure that important information is constantly available.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Multifunction printers are;

Environmentally responsible

This ENERGY STAR® qualified device offers one of the lowest TEC² ratings in the industry, consumes as little as 1W in sleep mode and is built using bio and recycled plastics where possible.

Powerful Integration and management

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Multifunction printers provide seamless integration into networks and enterprise solutions, resource sharing with other devices and the ability to link to Cloud services such as Google Drive enable you to work and share documents flexibly.

The embedded MEAP* platform integrates tightly with a range of powerful software supporting and optimising business critical workflows.

Device management tools allow you to configure, manage and upgrade your device, whether individually, or as part of a larger fleet, and uptime is guaranteed through Canon’s efficient monitoring, reporting and diagnostics.

To learn more about Canon’s document security solutions click here

*MEAP, Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform, is a java platform that runs on Canon Multifunctional printers, enabling software applications to be loaded on to the device, so you can add extra security capabilities quickly, easily and cost-effectively

²Typical Electricity Consumption – Methodology defined by ENERGY STAR (

Barry Daly