In recent years, companies have given more importance to collaboration in the office. Success stories from top companies like Google, Apple and Boeing have encouraged everyone else to try and replicate their internal collaborative processes. These internal collaborations resulted in great ideas that have changed the world.

While collaborations may not always result in game-changing ideas, it has been proven to improve performance, participation and morale in the workplace as employees feel more empowered. People become more committed in completing tasks and projects as there is a better buy-in from everyone. Employees also feel more accountable in completing projects since they all have a contribution.

With the increasing importance of collaboration in the office, companies are making changes in their office layouts by making workstations more conducive for brainstorming sessions. Some offices now have breakout spaces where employees can spend time collaborating with their colleagues.

Many companies now also see the value of having office equipment which can further foster collaboration in the office. Meanwhile, the technology sector saw the increase in demand of devices which allow employees to work efficiently together. Thus, more technologies were developed to make workplace collaboration much easier. For example, messaging apps are not only for sending messages anymore. Now, they’re also capable of file sharing as well as making individual/group voice and even video calls.

Even projector manufacturers stepped up their game and started adding features to this equipment which can aid in or promote collaborative work. In an article about Google meeting rooms published in 2011, it was mentioned that the writer wondered why there were two projectors in a single meeting room. When they were asked why, Google answered that one was for the presentation and the other projector was to display all the notes they were taking real time.

Apart from that, meetings have evolved because projectors have enabled multiple people to work simultaneously on a presentation screen even without a pen. Some even have features wherein people can draw, make annotations, rotate and zoom in the images on the projected screen. People can also open documents or browse the web without touching their computer.

There are also projectors which possess an ultra-short throw lens which means, the projector can display a 100-inch image from less than 2 feet away from the wall. This makes it easier for people to use this projector in smaller meeting or huddle rooms. With these cutting edge projector features, discussions definitely become more interesting, dynamic and productive.

You can even use these projectors to foster collaboration outside of the office, involving clients and other people you do business with.  Imagine how impressed they’d be when you give them the capability to provide their inputs real-time in your sales presentations. Being able to do this will increase your chances of closing the agreement on the spot.

Suffice it to say, when you use these projectors in your sales presentations, your presentation becomes the client’s presentation because you enable them to share their concerns, questions and even significant statistics. By knowing things that matter to them, you’ll be able to respond to these directly. With that, the chances of you closing the deal increase greatly as this gives them the impression that you perfectly understand what their needs are.

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Photo by Mike Murry How Projectors Foster Collaboration In The Office