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Olivetti Photocopiers

Olivetti multifunction office systems do much more than just copy or print; they a’re information hubs storing key documents in accessible formats within businesses’ global networks.

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Olivetti was established in 1908 and is one of the world’s leading players in the Information Technology market place, with over 100 years of experience in research and innovation and a strong commercial presence around the world.

Olivetti is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia SpA that operates on the information and communications technology(ICT) market.

Offering a wide range of leading-edge hardware(HW) and software(SW) products, Olivetti is a business process and activity automation solution provider to; small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), large corporations and vertical markets.  A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or other group of customers with specialized needs.

Olivetti trades in over 50 nations around the globe, with a focus on Europe, the Far East and Latin America.

olivettiThe Olivetti range of photocopiers and printers require fewer replacement consumables during their working life than any other brand on the market, with long-life drum technology these photocopier based multifunctional products, will reduce your costs, downtime and benefit the environment by less used parts going to landfill.

The range comprises A3 and A4 colour and mono(black & white) multifunctional devices, featuring a range of comprehensive Information Technology(IT) management, added security and a wealth of finishing options.

Olivetti document solutions and the environment 

Olivetti “Easy-Scan” – a web-based application installed on your organisation’s server that enables users of multi-function printers, who wish to scan from a multi-function printer, to set parameters for scanning, i.e. size, resolution and type of format, at their personal computer, rather than on the multi-function printer, itself, and simple press one button at the multi-function printer when they scan.

Olivetti d-Color MF Tools – series of communication tools for the range of A3 colour multi-function printers markedly improves their functions by simplifying user operations.


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