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3D Printers

3D Printer Buyer’s Guide For Professional and Production Applications

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3D Printing is more than just prototyping. Today, 3D Printing offers transformative advantages at every phase of creation, from initial concept design to production of final products and all steps in between. Today’s competitive environment makes choosing the right 3D printers for every phase of creation more important than ever.

Just a few years ago in-house 3D printing was enjoyed by only a few professional design engineers and was often limited to printing concept models and some prototypes. Once considered a novel luxury, 3D printing has proven to yield long-term strategic value by enhancing design-to-manufacturing capabilities and speeding time to market. Today, 3D printing technologies have allowed an ever-growing number of creators, designers, engineers, physicians, researchers, academics and manufacturers to unleash and multiply the benefits of rapid in-house 3D printing across the entire creation process.

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Leading companies are now using 3D printing to evaluate more concepts in less time to improve decisions early in product development. As the design process moves forward, technical decisions are iteratively tested at every step to guide decisions big and small, to achieve improved performance, lower manufacturing costs, delivering higher quality and more successful product introductions. In pre-production, 3D printing is enabling faster first article production to support marketing and sales functions, and early adopter customers. And in final production processes, 3D printing is enabling higher productivity, increased flexibility, reduced warehouse and other logistics costs, economical customization, improved quality, reduced product weight, and greater efficiency in a growing number of industries.

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