Investing in a good quality guillotine can deliver lots of benefits to your business. Whether you are a small office who produces a limited number of professional documents or a massive print finishing operation cutting thousands of items a day, there is a cutter out there to suit you. The benefits are:

Accuracy and Consistency: A guillotine lets you cut a large number of documents in the same way time and time again. This is particularly important when dealing with colour prints that incorporate bleeds.

Cut Quality: You won’t get the same type of crisp, clean and consistent cut with a scissors. A good guillotine lets you put a nice edge on your beautiful document.

Speed: A good guillotine will help you cut large quantities of paper very quickly and safely.

Cost: The improved efficiency that a cutter will bring has a positive impact on costs. With the reduction in man-hours needed to cut your paper, you will have recouped your investment in no time.

These are some of the general benefits that a good guillotine can bring your business but there may be more depending on the type and scale of the specific guillotine you choose…

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