Second Hand Refurbished Canon Copiers

from €595 ex VAT

from €1,500 or €7.50/week

from €2,500 or €12.50/week

from €1,995 or €9.95/week

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The expense of new copiers can encourage many businesses to consider buying used copiers. This can be a smart choice as second hand copiers with “as new” service contracts can be a dependable part of your office for years.
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Refurbished Canon Printers and Copiers

Refurbished Canon printers and copiers are often the most cost-effective option for your business. You have priced printers and copiers before, and you know what you can afford. If you feel like there is not an affordable option for you, you need to start looking at refurbished units. These units work just like new, but they were previously used.

The Printers

A refurbished printer from Canon is a printer that you can still purchase toner for unit. When you find a printer that has toner that is still in production, you can use that printer for the foreseeable future. Also, you need to remember that a refurbished printer is just like new. All the parts in the printer have been replaced.

The Copiers

You may have wondered how you are going to afford a copier to use in the office. Lease agreements for copiers alone are backbreaking cost-wise for most businesses, but you can purchase a copier at a steep discount when it is used.

All the internal parts of the copier have been replaced or repaired, and it has been tested to make sure it works properly. You must make sure you can still purchase the toner for the unit, and you can save a great deal of money when the unit is sold at a discount.

You need to make sure you know all your options before spending thousands of euros on a copier. Refurbished copiers work just like new copiers, and you will not have to worry about it breaking down quickly.

The Price

Every copier and printer you purchase is priced based on how old the unit is and how long it was in use. You can find printers and copiers that are very cheap in comparison to what you can find that is new. You may feel stuck paying too much money for an overpriced unit, but you can purchase something that is a fraction of the price of something that is brand new.

Do not get stuck in a contract on a leased copier, and do not pay too much money for a printer that just came off the factory floor. You can get a copier or printer that is practically brand new, and you can save a great deal of money on the unit. Your business does not have to spend money it does not have when you shop wisely.

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