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Canon Photocopiers

Across the world, the Canon brand is associated with innovative hardware and ground breaking technology. If you are looking to add Canon photocopiers to your office or home network, then you simply must browse the Canon machines in the Office Technology Ltd range.

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Whether you are looking for a desktop, a production printer, a colour copier, a mono all-in-one or any other type of document system, you will find something to suit your needs in our extensive range of office printers. Download Canon’s comprehensive guide to document security in your office.

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The modern multifunction device has changed the way offices in every industry operate. By bringing together high quality printing, copying and scanning on a single, digital platform, it has made the movement of data and the creation of vivid documents a simplified, one button task. This has streamlined and smoothed out the workflow of companies up and down the country.

Canon has been at the forefront of the multi-function printer(MFD)-boom, with its industry leading imageRUNNER ADVANCE range. These sophisticated, powerful office MFD’s have been precision engineered to do more than just fire off documents. Rather, they can become the hub from which all the data that comes through your company, whether it be in hard copy or e-copy form, is stored, edited and distributed. With powerful data sharing, airtight security and intuitive controls, Canon photocopiers provide a safe, smooth passage for your important company information.

The Top Reasons Canon Holds the number 1 Position Overall in the Copier Industry

Massive Savings available on all Canon Printers & Copy Solutions

Advancing business opportunities, Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Office Colour and Black and White range that will transform your office!

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Canon Printers – a Great Asset for Your Business!

Whether you need a new Canon printer, or you wish to lease one with our financing program, we can ensure that you have speedy access to the photocopier you need to get the job done correctly. Our Canon printers serve a wide variety of purposes and tasks; they can print documents, store key documents in accessible formats, and are flexible enough to work with business global networks the way you need them to.
Trust world-renowned Canon for all of your printing needs. Canon printers have a reputation for reliability, ease of use, and security. When you use a Canon printer, you can be sure that your documents will remain safe and secure, even if you require an intensely high level of document security. This is perfect for businesses who must bill or invoice customers, or for those handling sensitive information that must be kept private by law.

Choosing and buying a Canon printer doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, we make it easy by providing a roster of printers that vary from the very simple to the incredibly complex. Our Canon printers include everything from advanced colour printers for poster prints and graphic designers, to simple printers for home or office. It’s everything you need, condensed into a single shop.

How to Buy a Canon Printer

Before choosing your Canon printer, you’ll need to determine your needs and wishes. Firstly, ask yourself for what the office printer will be used for. If you just need a simple printer for black and white invoices, you can choose a basic printer. However, if you will be printing high-resolution pieces or posters, it’s important that the printer you choose is of a high enough quality to support this.

Printers must also be compatible with your computer or system in some cases; if you have an older computer, you may be limited in what you can use, but there will always be basic printers available to you. Newer printers may require your computer to be compatible with newer technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In some cases, printers may work independently of any additional systems or computers. These printers typically come with a USB flash drive interface or the ability to load data directly to them. This can be exceptionally useful for someone who prints photos or images from cameras or camcorders.

Canon printers come with security built into them. That means that regardless of what you are printing, your documents will remain secure and confidential. We believe that this inspires confidence in our customers, and we work hard to ensure that you always have access to the best of the best.

That’s why we encourage you to always contact us directly with questions or comments. We recognise that not everyone is an expert on printers or photocopiers; we’re happy to explain each printer and help you make a choice between what you need and want. Experience the difference working with our business makes, and find out how relaxing owning a printer that is designed to protect and present your information perfectly can be. Call us today for more information on 01 460 4444.

Canon printers – simple defence for your business – document security

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