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Samsung SM650TS

4,373.00 Includes VAT & Delivery



Samsung SM650TS

Samsung SM650TS
65” eboard

€4373.00 Final price, includes VAT and delivery – no additional charges

Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard and the power of a computer, the Samsung 650TS eBoard will enhance almost any learning environment. And the results are just as clear: Increased student participation, better visual presentation and more efficient lessons. So create a better learning environment with the 650TS eBoard.

eBoard for an Optimised Classroom Environment
The 650TS eBoard occupies less space than other interactive boards. It has low power consumption and can even deliver high-quality images under the brightest lighting condition.

Touch screen
The versatile touch screen will allow you to either use the supplied eBoard pen or your fingers for drawing directly on the screen.

Using multiple pen colours or highlight and bold features, you can stress the importance of certain content by either highlighting or underlining it for easier understanding and note taking.

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Samsung SM650TS

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Samsung SM650TS

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