Canon DR5010C Scanner

High speed scans for black & white, greyscale and colour


Canon DR5010C Scanner

Compact in size, but delivering the very best in performance, the DR-5010C is the latest innovation from Canon – a scanner featuring the newly developed 3-Line sensor system to ensure efficient high-speed, high quality scanning. Incorporating A3 duplex scanning capabilities with a wide array of new and improved additional features.

Canon DR5010C Scanner Canon DR5010C Scanner



  • High speed scans for black & white, greyscale and colour
  • 50 ppm simplex and 100 ppm duplex (A4, 200dpi)
  • Dual feeding mechanism
  • High quality images – 600 dpi
  • CapturePerfect and Adobe® Acrobat® Standard
  • Optional front and back Imprinters with bitmap imaging

Further Information

High Speed Scanning

The newly adopted 3-Line CMOS Sensor makes scanning with the DR-5010C three times faster – giving you quality colour scans at the same speed as black & white items. While less sophisticated 1-Line Sensors only light each individual colour one at a time, 3-Line Sensor technology detects all RGB colours simultaneously with RGB filters for each colour attached to sensors to obtain colour data faster and more accurately.

JPEG Transfer

The JPEG transfer function of the DR-5010C is now automatically available from both the ISIS/TWAIN driver and Application software, compared to other scanners where it is only available on request. In the case of greyscale or colour scanning, DR-5010C image data is JPEG compressed and transferred to the PC, regardless of the type of file format selected, shortening the time of the transfer from scanner to PC.

Advanced & High Speed Text Enhancement

The new High-Speed Text Enhancement mode increases image processing time and enhances the text from low contrast images. In Advanced Mode, the text threshold and background is automatically adjusted for precise processing, while High-Speed enhancement delivers quality results for higher volume and higher speed scanning.

Higher Quality Images With No Colour Stains – New 3-Line Sensor technology eliminates colour stains and unwanted incidental image data by reading RGB colours simultaneously.

Auto Shading Adjustment

The built-in DR-5010C shading board automatically adjusts shading to provide stable, high quality images every time.
Improved Black & White Contrast – Seven varieties of B&W Contrast are available to effectively adjust images to their appropriate contrast – from light text on light backgrounds to dark on dark.

3-Dimensional Colour Correction

Advanced 3-D colour conversion is built in to ensure the appropriate combination of RGB data, improving on less accurate, existing gamma correction where each colour is processed independently.

Remove Punch Holes

Bound documents are made more presentable when scanned with the DR-5010C binder hole removal function, which automatically removes paper punch hole marks from the original image.

Enhance, Drop and Add Colours – The DR-5010C drops out, enhances or adds custom colours to your specifications.


Canon DR5010C Scanner Canon DR5010C Scanner