Dahle Personal Guillotine 320mm 502

108.00 Includes VAT & Delivery


Low volume, value for money personal guillotine features a hand clamp and three scale bars marked in centimeters, table area is pre-printed with photo sizes.

Sturdily constructed in metal its capacity is 5 sheets of 70gsm paper or equivalent.320mm cut length.

2 Year warranty

Making cutting paper easy and effortless, the Dahle Personal Guillotine is perfect for a range of office uses. With a blade that is designed to remain sharp for as long as possible, you can repeatedly use this product without having to worry about blunting or poor cutting. The guide lines help you get your paper documents cut to the exact size required, preventing any mistakes. Featuring a hand clamp, you can be sure that all of your paper is secured when being used.

  • Guillotine for cutting paper to size
  • Blade designed to keep edge for as long as possible
  • Slices through paper with no difficulty
  • Clamp keeps paper in place to prevent mistakes
  • Cutting capacity is 5 sheets of 70gsm paper
  • 320mm cut length

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Dahle Personal Guillotine 320mm 502

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Dahle Personal Guillotine 320mm 502

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