CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer, Dual Extruder, High Definition

1,254.00 Includes VAT & Delivery

Robox single material 3D Printer


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Manufacturer product number RBX01-ED1

½ days training you on the printer, the software, how to fix minor issues if ever they occur, which free software sites to use including splitting the model in two for instance, plus CAD training too if necessary  €597 including vat

Manufacturer product number RBX01-ED1

The Robox comes with a 2 year return to base warranty, however the phone support they offer is superb, so can usually help get things sorted via this method. If a printer needs to be returned for repair the customer pays postage to return the machine to Robox in England, and Robox pay to send it back once repaired. Having said that there’s not too much that goes wrong with the Robox and we find it to be a really reliable machine.

Quality, Accessibility and Safety

Two years in the making, Robox boasts a combination of unique features not seen in any other desktop 3D printer that work together to achieve truly outstanding results.

Robox doesn’t ask you to waste valuable time with manual calibrations or preparation before printing. Everything is automatic, and with our easy-to-use AutoMaker software you’ll be printing in no time.

It’s also one of the safest 3D printers ever made. Although desktop 3D printers can reach anything up to 300°C, the SafeLock mechanism and shatter-resistant, interlocking safety door prevent
accidental injury by quarantining the build chamber while your creations come to life. Robox has been designed with safety in mind.

  • Headlock System: Allows quick change of print head; automatic head recognition; auto-leveling system; future upgrade compatible interface
  • Quick Fill Dual Nozzle Technology: Detailed perimeter nozzle (0.3mm); Fast infill nozzle (0.8mm); Needle-valve flow control
  • Smart Reel System: Automatic material recognition; Rewriteable EEPROM stores material data; wide range of materials and colors available
  • Smart Extruder System: Supports single or dual extruders; Fully automatic material loading/unloading; Closed Feedback error detection
  • Automaker Software: East to use interface; real-time printing status; supports pause and resume printing; support for multiple printers/projects

EL Robox 3D Printer Robox is a 3D printer that combines the best next-generation features at a fraction of the cost. Designed totally from scratch with performance in mind, it’s an exciting and much-anticipated model. But it’s not just hype – CEL has delivered a truly stunning product at an equally attractive price point. Precision Creating objects that are accurate to the software model requires extremely precise motion and the highest resolution possible. All Robox motors and axes are attached to a single stainless steel frame which is a reference surface for all motion; this is rigidly attached to injection molded parts which form the body of the printer to create a super-stable platform. Additionally, the Robox boasts a surreal 20 micron maximum layer resolution, allowing for the smallest details to be created flawlessly. The nozzle valve system created by CEL cuts off filament completely, eliminating ooze and contributing to a much smoother surface finish – meaning less time spent on finishing work. Forward-Focused CEL uses powerful custom-designed stepper motors in the Robox, meaning that your printer won’t become obsolete just because there’s an updated head available – the motors are equipped to handle it

CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer, Dual Extruder, High Definition

Robox is more than just a 3D printer. The rigid 3 axis cartesian frame supports the HeadLock system which allows the connection of our Single and Dual Material heads with more heads in development to allow users to quickly convert Robox into automated light machining rig, a 2D drag knife cutter or even a paste extruding system for ceramics, chocolate or wax, futureproof and expandable with plenty of headroom within a very compact and well designed enclosure An exceptional list of features puts Robox at the top of any list, excellent material compatibility, Needle valves, Class leading accuracy, SmartReel, SafeLock Enclosure, ThermoSurface, bespoke AutoMaker Software supporting multiple slicers and a real warranty with real support.

Speed – Dual Nozzle System
Robox includes a proprietary dual-nozzle system which can improve print speeds by up to 300% when set against our competitors. A single material feed can be directed out of one of two nozzles – with a 0.3mm or 0.8mm extrusion diameter. This means Robox can produce highly detailed exterior surfaces for the surfaces you can see, and then quickly fill the object using the larger nozzle multiple layers at a time without affecting part strength or detail. This combined with a needle-valve system stops ‘ooze’ and ‘stringing’ from the nozzles – a problem commonly found in other printers. So now you can finally have the best of both worlds – a perfect high quality exterior finish with much faster print times!

Automatic Build Platform Levelling
One of the major problems with almost all available 3D printers is that the bed must be manually levelled to ensure the first layer adheres correctly. This is be a fiddly process which has to be regularly repeated – a source of frustration for other 3D printer owners! Well, we’ve solved that. Robox uses a proprietary bed probing mechanism which can measures the location of the bed before every print. As both Z motors are driven independently they can be adjusted to ensure the X axis is always parallel to the print bed.

Included in this Bundle
• 650g Orange CO-PET nGen Filament
• 650g Light Blue CO-PET nGen Filament
• 10 x Alcohol Bed Wipes
• 1 x Nozzle Tip Wipe
• 1 x ThermoSurface Bed Sheet
• 1 x Tweezers


  •  Fully enclosed with transparent, interlocking safety door
     Wide choice of supported SmartReel materials with no setup required
     Compatible with 3rd party filament (no vendor lock-in)
     Future-proofed platform with new functions coming soon
     Easy-to-use software (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
     Removable, preparation-free build plate
     Fully automatic bed levelling and easy calibration
  • That means safe, high quality desktop 3D printing you can afford

SmartReel™ System
 ‘Plug and print’ automatic material recognition
 3rd party material compatibility
 Rewriteable EEPROM stores material data
 Wide range of materials and colours available

HeadLock™ System
 Future-proofed electronics and mechanics
 Automatic head recognition
 Auto-levelling system
 New functions coming soon

QuickFill™ Dual Nozzle Technology
 Detailed perimeter nozzle (0.3mm)
 Fast infill nozzle (0.8mm)
 Needle-valve flow control
 Non-stick PTFE coated nozzles

ThermoSurface™ Build Plate
 No preparation required for part adhesion
 Very low maintenance and reusable
 Parts stick while hot and peel away easily when cooled
 Double-sided, high performance thermoplastic

SafeLock™ Mechanism
 Shatter-resistant polycarbonate door
 Interlocking safety mechanism
 Dra‰-blocking enclosure
 Promotes less warping and part shrinkage

SmartExtruder™ System
 Supports single or dual extruders
 Easily replaceable compact design
 Fully-automatic material loading/unloading
 Closed-feedback error detection

AutoMaker™ So‰ware
 Easy-to-use interface
 Suitable for beginners and professionals
 Supports mid-print pause / resume
 Supports Windows 7+, MacOS 10.8+ and Linux

SPECIFICATIONS: Print Technology; Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF); Build Volume: 210x150x100mm/8.3×5.9×3.9in; Best Layer Resolution; 20 microns; Filament Diameter; 1.75mm+/-0.05mm; Nozzle Diameters; 0.3mm (0.012″) and 0.8mm (0.031″); Material Compatibility; PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PVA; Internal Lighting; Full RGB; Print Bed: Tapeless Heated Polyetherimide; Power Requirements; 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz; connectivity USB 2.0.


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CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer, Dual Extruder, High Definition

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CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer, Dual Extruder, High Definition