Canon ImagePRESS C6000

Outstanding image Quality that looks and feels like offset printing


ImagePRESS C6000

The powerful imagePRESS C6000 delivers exceptional versatility for your print applications, with amazing image quality that looks and feels like offset production.

  • Outstanding image Quality that looks and feels like offset printing
  • Innovative Technology
  • Precision printing with consistent results
  • Versatile media options up to 300 gsm
  • Speeds up to 60 ipm
  • In-line finishing incl. Perfect Binding

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Canon ImagePRESS C6000 Canon ImagePRESS C6000

Canon ImagePRESS C6000

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Looks and feels like offset
The harmonisation of numerous technology innovations has created the quality standard that is imagePRESS. For example, Canon’s V-toner with its ultra-fine particle size and oil-less fusing characteristics combine with enhanced image control technologies that provide gloss optimisation to deliver a superb looking finish on all media.

Predictable colour
What you design and pre-flight is what you’re going to get. Canon’s Process Control system allows you to create CMYK output profiles and evaluate their performance against ISO standards. You can also create and save Spot colour palettes based on Pantone Libraries, which are then saved to the Server.

Razor-sharp registration and reproduction
Canon’s Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures exceptional front-to-back and side-to-side registration accuracy. The Advanced Smoothing Technology (AST) enhances print quality by eliminating banding associated with the combination of text and intricate graphics. An Effective Resolution System makes intelligent image adjustments based on the way prints are viewed by the naked eye.

Unbeatable power and reliability
Production speeds are 60 ipm on media up to 135 gsm and for added versatility heavy or coated media up to 300gsm can be used. A maximum media supply of 10,000 sheets from up to 8 different sources can be configured; that’s potentially over 2 hours of un-interrupted production.

The Advanced Air-Assisted Feeding System ensures high levels of reliability with a new ultra-sonic double-feed detection system that detects multi-feeds and rectifies them without interrupting operation.

Incredible in-line finishing
The finishing possibilities are endless and you can now create Perfect- Bound booklets with up to 200 sheets using the appropriate finisher.

Powerful workflow control
A number of powerful server options are available to drive your imagePRESS C6000. They’re capable of handling the most complex of jobs, either static or variable data, with consummate ease. Detailed pre-and-post flight reporting gives the ultimate confidence to users. And Production Print controls ensure that jobs can be suspended, prioritized, or scheduled, for assured control in your print environment.

Canon ImagePRESS C6000 Canon ImagePRESS C6000

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