Brady Printer i7100 Industrial Label Printer

2,252.00 Includes VAT & Delivery

A reliable, heavy-duty and high accuracy label printer that quickly prints a wide range of high quality identification materials for a variety of applications including cable, printed circuit board and asset & component identification.


Lease rate                                                                                             €8.45 per week*
  • Lease price per unit based on 5 year lease agreement and paid quarterly
  • Lease price subject to finance approval
  • Lease price per unit excludes vat, training & installation(options available)

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Reliable & fast

The BradyPrinter i7100 offers highly accurate label printing for business critical high volume identification challenges. The printer features:

  • a powerful internal processor designed to handle up to 7000 labels per day
  • up to 300 mm/sec print speed
  • 600 dpi ultra-sharp printing
  • center alignment of prints for high printing accuracy
  • interchangeable platen rollers for optimised printhead life time
  • a wide range of high quality identification materials

Easy to use

The BradyPrinter i7100 has an intuitive colour touch screen interface with distinctive icons to easily access the printer’s menus. The printer’s foldable cover allows for a small system footprint and enables users to quickly change consumables to start a new job or continue printing.

Flexible connectivity

To meet your unique workflow & data flow needs, the BradyPrinter i7100 connects any way you need it to be. It offers plenty of ports and an optional I/O connection that allows your printer to be triggered from the programmable controller, foot pedal, sensor or other basic device.

A wide range of applications

The BradyPrinter i7100 Label Printer can print on a wide range of durable and specialty identification solutions for Electronics, Aerospace, Defence and Mass Transit manufacturers, Automotive, Logistics, ICT Infrastructure and Telecom industries.

Brady Printer i7100 Industrial Label Printer



3 ways to get your labels

The BradyPrinter i7100 exists in 3 variations depending on how you prefer to receive your printed labels:

BradyPrinter i7100 Standard

  • Manually remove self-adhesive printed labels from their liner
  • Labels can be cut using an included tear plate or optional cutters

BradyPrinter i7100 Peel

  • Automatically separates printed labels from their liner
  • Automatically rewinds empty label liner
  • Next label can be triggered manually, or automatically

BradyPrinter i7100 Label rewind (peel version + rewind guide plate)

  • Automatically rewinds printed labels on a roll


Multiple options

The BradyPrinter i7100 Standard can be equipped with an automatic cutter and tray to easily collect printed and neatly separated labels when the print job is done. The BradyPrinter i7100 Peel can even be changed into all 3 printer variations using easy-to-install accessories. Swiftly swap the peel bar for the rewind guide plate if you don’t immediately need your printed labels but want to have a fully printed roll of labels for later use. Or replace the peel bar with a tear plate or an automatic cutter with tray, just like the BradyPrinter I7100 Standard.



Request a free sample pack to test Brady safety and identification solutions in your specific working environment.

UV-exposure, humidity, chemicals, cleaning agents, heat or cold can all impact label or sign materials and adhesives. Conditions vary per industry, or even per individual site. Brady offers identification solutions and safety equipment with specialty materials and adhesivesdesigned for optimal performance in aerospace, mass transit, electronics, automotive, power, tele- and datacom, chemical, oil, gas, food and beverage and other industries.

Contact us if you want to receive a sample of the best solution for your specific working environment.


Brady Printer i7100 Industrial Label Printer


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Brady Printer i7100 Industrial Label Printer

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