3D Systems Cube X Trio 3D Printer

4,672.00 Includes VAT & Delivery

Print as big as a Basketball. Maximum Build Size, CubeX Single head print: 275mm (w) x 265mm (l) x 240mm (h) (10.75″ x 10.75″ x 9.5″ inches), Resolution: 100 microns


Lease figures available upon request – please call 01 460 44 44 or click here to get a quote

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  • Recyclable ABS plastic cartridges.
  • Design Software Included. Includes a free license of Cubify Invent Software and material to get you started.
  • Professional printability. Advanced settings to create inspiring prints.
  • Print in 18 colors of ABS and PLA.

It is easy to Print in Multi colour with the CubeX colour software. The CubeX has advanced settings to create inspiring prints, print in PLA and ABS plastics. CubeX 3D Printer’s ready-to-print technology, provides a new dimension to your imagination. The CubeX has an exclusive part painting tool with paintbrush simplicity with many vibrant colours available.


Maximum Build Size: 185mm (w) x 265mm (l) x 240mm (h)

Houses up to three print jets for multi-colour and multi-material prints

Supportive Material: PLA/ ABS/ Dissolvable Natural PLA

Whats in the Box: CubeX printer, Cube Stick, Print Pad, Jet Wiper, Power Cord and a ToolKit and 1x PLA White, 1x PLA Blue and 1x PLA Red


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3D Systems Cube X Trio 3D Printer

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3D Systems Cube X Trio 3D Printer