Convinced that printer leasing is the right option for your business? Well, congratulations for making a practical and smart decision. With this option, you get exactly the printer you are looking for, when you need it and without shelling out a huge amount of money. A win-win situation, as many would say. But before you sign your printer lease agreement, make sure that you keep the following things in mind:

Choose a Reputable Printer Leasing Company

When you lease an equipment, you are also starting a partnership with the leasing company. Definitely, you would not want to do business with a shady service provider. To add, it’s not like you would just be working together overnight; the minimum printer lease duration is usually two years.

It is, therefore, imperative that you carefully choose the service provider you would be getting. Pick one with an exemplary reputation – a printer leasing company whose brand is synonymous with high quality service. With this kind of company, you can count on things to run smoothly during the course of the contract. No need to worry about subpar equipment, slow maintenance service and the like.

How do you find a trusted printer leasing company in Ireland? It’s easy – you can ask people you know for recommendations or search online. You can even check out and read customer reviews just by visiting online directories and the printer leasing company’s website.

Only Get What You Need & What You Can Afford

Companies that lease printers offer a wide array of products, brands and models. They even have the latest or hottest printer model in town. Simply put, your options are countless and it can be a real challenge to pick the right printer for you.

As nice or hi-tech the device may be, if it is more than what you need, do not get it. All the more, if its lease price is more than what you can afford, forget it. Remember, you picked this option because it is supposedly easier on the pocket. So, please stick to your budget. After all, you always have the option to upgrade your device once your contract ends.

Your chosen company’s leasing specialist can help choose the right printer for you, one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Know the Cost

There are various factors which can affect the cost of the printer lease. One of this is the lease term. Remember, the shorter the lease terms, the higher the fees are.

The type of printer and the features you choose also affect the lease cost. For example, coloured printing would cost more than black and white. Similarly, your chosen printer’s print speed as well as the finishing options you want (like sorter and automatic stapler) all impact the rental charges.

Meanwhile, there are also leasing companies that do not collect monthly rental charges. What they do instead is charge the lessee on a per print/copy basis. In this type of agreement, there’s a minimum amount of monthly clicks. You pay for it even if you do not use all of it. Once you go beyond your limit, you pay extra. In this type of contract, it is necessary for you to know your monthly average print volume before you sign an agreement. If you are not aware of your print averages, you might end up spending more (paying for a print volume of 3000 when you’re only averaging 1000 clicks per month).

Read and Understand the Contract

A printer lease agreement is not easy to understand, especially if you are not a lawyer or if it’s your first time renting an equipment. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to not thoroughly read the document and grasp what are stipulated in it. This is the only way to ensure that you get a fair agreement.

What you can do is to be proactive. Do some research. Familiarise yourself with the lease terms. If you must, consult a lawyer. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not sign the contract unless everything is crystal clear.

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