Portable Scanners

As with so many other office technologies, people now want the option to use scanning capabilities without being tied down to a permanent office space.

For every person holding the fort in the office, there is another who needs access to technology on the move or at home.

Even those based in the office, may benefit from access to a smaller more portable scanning device which can easily be placed in individual departments for use when the main scanner is enduring heavy use.

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The move towards digitisation continues and scanners are the spearheading technology in the process. Demand for smaller workgroup, home office and mobile scanners is strong. They are particularly attractive to the smaller end of the business world, with more and more people working from home – six per cent of people now regularly work from home.

Portable scanners are increasingly enjoying mass appeal regardless of business size. Initially portable scanners were largely applicable to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) with remote or agile workers that required signed documentation scanned and sent back to head office via email or through the cloud (via internet). Now, portable scanners are used in all sectors of the market for a multitude of uses, from construction to sports coaches, even colleges have issued them to teachers.

Portables scanners are suitable for an increasingly mobile workforce. They are being used in sectors that have field sales or service workforces which typically need to be productive or IT (information technology)-independent on the move.

The rise of cloud computing alongside increased mobile working is driving up the demand for portables scanners which are equally at home on a desk or in transit. They are light and can easily fit into a laptop computer case meaning that it is quick and simple to scan a document at any time no matter where you are. Moreover, no training is required as it is an easy-to-use device and the user interface is 100% intuitive.  For an even faster scan process, you can also configure the scanner button with a personalised job scan profile.

Portable scanners are undoubtedly cheaper than traditional scanners. This does reduce their speed; however they are designed with the reduced speed in order to facilitate other functions.

Eco-friendly credentials may not be at the top of your list, but it’s still a nice feature for any product to boast and the lower energy consumption of portable scanners is significant, while the emergence of mercury-free models greatly reduces the harm to the environment upon disposal.

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Barry Daly