Photocopiers, especially the latest models, are complicated machines. While they are generally user-friendly, they are not that easy to fix. Oftentimes, when photocopiers break down, professional technicians are needed to repair them.

Of course, if these machines are integral to your day-to-day operations, fixing them immediately is a priority. Otherwise, disruptions in workflow may happen and your employees can become frustrated because they cannot proceed with their task. These things can significantly affect productivity in your office and even result in financial losses.

Suffice it to say, malfunctioning copy machines are hindrances to office efficiency. Hence, they need to be addressed immediately and this is why having a photocopier service contract is important.

Having a photocopier service or maintenance contract offers a lot of benefits. For one, it gives you immediate access to a professional technician when the need arises. This means getting your machine fixed ASAP, thereby minimising downtime and work disruption.

Moreover, service contracts for copiers typically include preventative maintenance. This reduces the likelihood of photocopier breakage happening. This is because problems which may cause your machine to malfunction are detected and addressed early.

Another advantage of having a copier service contract is that you avoid huge one-time repair payments. As you may already know, photocopier repair fees can be costly. If you do not have a maintenance contract, this means shelling out a large amount of money upfront. This can have a considerable effect on your budget. On the other hand, if you do not have extra money, then you wouldn’t be able to have your machine repaired right away. You do not have to worry about these scenarios when you have a service contract since payments are fixed and paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Clearly, getting a service contract is a smart decision, especially if photocopiers are necessary for your business to run efficiently. If you do not have one yet, shop around and be sure to get one ASAP. Below is a guide on choosing a photocopier service contract.

What to Remember When Choosing Photocopier Service Contracts

Please know that not all photocopier service contracts are the same. Some require clients to pay monthly, others want it on a quarterly basis. There are contracts which charge a fixed amount per month or quarter for a given number of “clicks” or printed image. There are also the so-called “cost per print” service contracts wherein you only pay for the prints you use. Given the different types of photocopier service contracts available, it is important that you understand each option that you are presented with.

Shop around before picking one. Do not settle for the first offer that you get. As mentioned earlier, you have a wide range of options. Check out the different service contracts being offered, then determine which best suits your needs and budget.

Do not just focus on how much you are going to pay. Make sure that you also check what’s included in the contract. Does it already cover labour charges and costs of parts if replacements are needed? Do you pay for consumables or is it already included in the contract? What’s the response time in case you need repairs? These are just some of the important things you need consider when selecting a copier maintenance contract.

Lastly, make sure that you choose a reputable photocopier maintenance service provider; one that is known for delivering excellent and efficient service. Keep in mind, one of the reasons why you are getting a service contract is to ensure that your machine is repaired properly and immediately. This is only possible if your provider employs accredited and experienced technicians and implements protocols that ensure that clients get immediate support.

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Photo by Mark Turnauckas Photocopier Service Contracts – What You Need to Know