3 Simple Ways to Save Money When Buying Photocopiers

3 Simple Ways to Save Money When Buying Photocopiers

Are you thinking of purchasing photocopiers for your office? Those days are gone when the copiers were used only to make copies, as with time, the office copiers too have developed into multifunction document handling systems. With numerous features, and a variety of options of copiers available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide what should be the perfect choice, and at a reasonable cost. 

Here are some questions, whose answers might lead you to the right product and save money as well. 

What is your purpose of buying copiers? 

Buy what you need. Be very clear about the specific reason behind the need of a copier. If your office work requires copying work, which mainly involves more of simple black and white letters, documents, and you rarely have the need of copying color sales brochures or color business projects, then you may not need a color copier. Instead, you can save on money by purchasing a black and white copier. Color copiers are far more expensive in terms of purchase cost, and in cost per copy. You can meet the minimal color printing needs of your office by buying color printers.

You also need to assess the volume of printing; based on the frequency and amount of copying work, how fast or how many copies per minute should the copier produce. High c.p.m. photocopiers are surely going to cost more, but may also bring more efficiency and save on time. Some copiers come with advanced features like collating, duplexing, and paper handling and you need to decide if these will be used much. After wise reasoning, these features can be opted out, which will significantly reduce the cost of the copier. 

Do you really need brand new color copiers? 

Go for a cheaper alternative. There are used photocopiers available in the market these days, which are cheaper and an alternative to the costly new color copiers or other expensive new copiers. The used photocopiers are like the used cars, branded and renewed. You can find all the brands, and expect the same performance and results. They are quality products as they are refurbished, rigorously tested, thoroughly cleaned and serviced. Most used photocopiers are in good condition, have good service guarantees, and work as well as the new ones.  

How do you plan to make the payment for your photocopiers?

Use the cash option. You always have the option to pay in cash or credit. If you plan to pay using credit options, high interest rates are automatically added on to the product price, making it a costly affair. Whereas, purchasing the copier out-rightly by paying cash would save you all the money.

Some deep reasoning and understanding of your needs, wise selection of the various options in hand, and a proper market survey can help you find cheaper alternatives and solutions, when buying photocopiers. This will save you money, not only at the time of purchase, but also in the long run.