When To Know It Is Time To Replace Your Office Printer

When To Know It Is Time To Replace Your Office Printer

We all know how vital a printer can be for our office, we also all know just how frustrating they can be at times. There is nothing worse than when you are running late and struggling to make your deadline and you need to print out your reports quick smart…only for the printer to chew everything up and spit it back into your face.

In an old office I once worked in, the printer there was called Pippa the printer. Pippa and her moods would change constantly, sometimes she was a darling and would print out my work perfectly, other times she was obviously in a bad mood and refused to do what I asked.

She had a bad reputation for her mood swings and Pippa was eventually violently dismantled by a co-worker who was having a bad day, both Pippa and my colleague lost their jobs that day. Pippa was replaced by a stunning looking Penelope within a few hours, and boy did she know how to make her mark.

Penelope had the whole office swooning for her, at least for the first two years until she started getting older and looked a bit worn out.

A Few Tips On How To Know When It Really Is Time To Replace Your Printer!

•         It Is Being Used Differently Than Before – Perhaps when you originally bought it, it was simply for minimal use and was only printing out small jobs each day. Now that your business and office has grown the workload has increased. 

•         Your Workforce Despise It – Much like poor old Pippa, perhaps your employees have a strong hatred for the printer because it regularly screws up their work. This is normally a good sign that it may be time to get a replacement. 

•         It Is Hard To Find Replacement Ink – When suppliers have stopped supplying the type of ink that fits in your printer, it is time to accept that she is getting on a bit in age.  

•         It Isn’t As Efficient As It Once Was –Perhaps because it is under a lot more strain due to your business booming, and you constantly have to fill it up. It may be time to find a printer that is both able to have more ink inside and is a lot more efficient with it. 

•         It Is Obsolete – The printer is simply not available to buy anymore. This means that there are better and more efficient models on the market that could do the job so much better.

Those were a few key tips on realizing when the time may be to find a replacement. It may be hard to let them go sometimes, however it is sometimes better to just replace them, before an incident occurs like what did with Pippa. Printer murders are not nice; let them retire in peace to live out their lives in some small home office somewhere.