Things you want to check when purchasing large office printers

Things you want to check when purchasing large office printers

Do you find that your current printer simply can’t keep up with your needs?  If this is the case then you may want to consider getting a large office printer.  If you are going to buy a new printer then there are some things you need to check before you pay for anything.  Once you have checked these criteria you will be able to find the perfect printer for you and your company.

What you need in your large office printers

The needs of your office will play a large role in what kind of large office printers you look at.  There are some things that you should check before looking at printers.  One of these is whether or not you need to have a colour printer or not.  You will also need to think about the features you are going to need your printer to have.  Do you need it to scan and fax as well?  If this is the case you may need to check out multifunction printers.  The speed of the printer may also play a part in what you look at.  If you find that you have to print a lot of pages quickly then you will need a printer that prints 33 pages per minute at least.

Your budget for your office printers

Budgets are something that every office will have to work with.  The budget for office supplies and equipment will need to be consulted before you check office printers.  You need to know the exact amount of money you have available for your printer.  The reason for this is that the price of printers can vary depending on their functions, features and brands.  If you have a small budget then you may have to give up some features that are not essential or simply get a printer that is not manufactured by a major brand.  Of course you also have to take cartridges into account when looking at your budget.  There are some printers that have cartridges that cost a fortune to replace while others are much more economic.

Renting or leasing colour printers

An option that many offices will look at when checking printers is renting or leasing.  There are many benefits that you can get from renting or leasing colour printers.  The monthly cost of renting may be less than what you would pay monthly to buy.  When you rent a printer it is possible to deduct the cost as an operating expense when you submit your tax.  The fact that you do not have to pay a large sum of money at one time can help your business.  The conservation of capital will mean that you have cash on hand and not tied up in your assets.  When leasing or renting you will also be given the option of having fixed payments which means that if inflation rises then you will not feel the pinch.  Upgrading is also an advantage of renting as many companies offer you upgrades during your hire period.

When you are checking large office printers there are many things that you should keep in mind.  The needs of your office is the most important as you want to printer that will have all the features you are going to need.  Of course buying is not the only option so don’t dismiss renting or leasing as they have many advantages that you may want.