Printer Repair

How to Choose a Service Provider

Printer Repair

When it comes time to choosing a Service Provider, ‘service’ is the most important word you need to remember. 

A great printer or copier with bad service can cause more headaches than a not so good one with excellent service.

Since you will need to be comfortable with your service provider it is in your best interest to be particular when evaluating them.

Ask lots of Questions

Get to know the Service providers that carry the Products that you require service on.

Ask as many questions as you can:

  • How long have you been in business? Who are your major accounts?
  • How long have your employee’s been working for you?
  • Do you service multiple brands?  Which is the strongest seller and how long have you been selling it?
  • What is the policy on breakdowns?  Is there a time limit for repair responses?
  • How many in-house technicians are available for this model in the local area? Where are they? (A cheap service plan won’t save you anything if the help is hard to come by).  The last thing you want to discover is that there is only one technician in the city for the model a salesperson convinced you to buy.)

Talk to the Techs

Because modern printers and copiers combine electrical, mechanical, digital, and chemical systems to produce your documents, maintaining them requires a unique mix of skills.  Before deciding to buy, make sure the dealer has technicians with extensive installation and service experience.  Having your IT department vet the dealer can be a good call to test for experience.

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