How a Photocopier Can Help You with 5 Tasks at Once!

How a Photocopier Can Help You with 5 Tasks at Once!

Photocopiers are no longer just about making copies anymore.  With technological advances as they are printers and copiers can now do more than what their name states.  Multi-function office machines are able to perform a range of tasks.  These tasks will include printing, copying, faxing, binding and scanning.  The reasons for all of these tasks being put into one machine include increased efficiency and less space being needed.


1.       Printing


Since the 1960’s people have been using printers to create documents in the workplace.  Today there are many different kinds of printers you can get from laser printers to ink jet printers.  Of course multifunction ones are also available which allow you to do more than just printing.  Of course you will want to make sure that you printing needs are taken care of.  Multifunction machines will be available with colour printing and monochrome printing. 


2.       Copying


Photocopiers are the machine that people will generally link copying to.  However you can now get machines that do more than simple copy’s.  Scaling copies is something that most modern copiers are able to do.  To do this the copier will have built in setting that allows you to set the size of the page you want the copy on.  This can range from A4 to A1.  Many copiers will also be able to turn the page over to use both sides of the page.


3.       Faxing


Having a phone that is also a fax machine is something that most companies used to have.  The problem with this was that if someone was making a phone call and another person had to send a fax one had to wait.  Having a photocopier that is also a fax machine takes some of the pressure off.  These machines will be linked to the phone line but not the business phone.  This means that someone can send a fax while someone else is on the phone to a different person.


4.       Binding


In offices that to create bound documents a binding machine is something to look at.  However, not all offices will have the space to have a binding machine.  Certain multifunction photocopiers will come with a binding facility in them.  This can be very helpful as once the printing is done the binding can be done.  Additionally there will be no need for additional space for the binding machine.  Many of these binding functions will be for ring binding which looks professional but is not hard to do.


5.       Scanning


In today’s technological age scanning is something that businesses need to think about.  Many companies find it easier to do certain tasks online and communicate through emails.  This is when you will need a multifunction machine that has a scanning facility.  With this facility you can scan documents that need to be emailed to people.  You can also scan documents that need to be kept but you are unable to keep the original on the premises.


5 tasks at once is something that most multifunction photocopiers will be able to handle.  Printing, copying, faxing, binding and scanning are these five tasks that can be done with one machine.  Of course you need to make sure that the machine you want to buy has all of these features.