Office Printers: How to Save 17% on Your Printing Costs

Office Printers: How to Save 17% on Your Printing Costs

You may get a good bargain on printers when you purchase, but do not celebrate yet, because the printing costs may bog you down. This may happen if you do not use the printer effectively, and then your printing ink is going to cost more than the champagne. Here are some tips on how you can minimize your expenses on printing, and make a difference to your business. 

Choosing the right printers 

  • Know what you require- Consider the printing quality and the number of prints required per day to decide on the type of printers to use in the office.
  • Select the right printer- Use a monochrome laser printer for bulk printing jobs, and color laser printer for frequent necessity of color printing. An inkjet printer would be an optimal choice if the printing jobs are less, or if your job specially requires printing many digital photos. Making the wrong choice will result in increased expenses. 

Caution with the color printers 

  • Avoid color prints- Try to restrict color printing, and print only when it is essential. Do not print in color, which can easily go black and white, as color page may cost about 15 times more.
  • Choose the type of cartridge for inkjet printers- The inexpensive office printers use single cartridge for printing multiple colors, which proves to be more expensive than the running cost of color printers with individual cartridges for each color.  

Handling the office printers 

  • Use the draft option- Whenever possible, print in the draft or economy mode, for ordinary, proofs, or in-house printing. Select the grayscale option when printing photos or designs on your office printers, and choose lower DPI.


  • Print wisely- In case of web pages, remove the advertisements, unnecessary designs, pictures, any dark borders or backgrounds if not required, before printing. You can also copy the text to any word processor or text editor, or use any specialized software or utility, to sort and condense the web pages.
  • Use ink cartridge alternatives- It is advisable to use the original cartridges, especially in the warranty period, though later you can use compatible generic versions of ink cartridges, only for draft prints of text documents. In case of laser printers, get an extended cartridge if the print output is more.
  • Self refill ink cartridges in inkjet printers: You can fill the original cartridges by using the refill kits, though it is messy and not everybody can do it, but certainly saves a lot. However, the refilled ones hold less ink than the original, and produce fewer prints. Prevent drying of ink, which otherwise would render the cartridge useless.  

Further, you can save paper by printing on both sides and by going digital. Transfer documents or photos using CD, pen drive, by sending as email attachment or sharing online. As much as possible, preview instead of printing, and it is the best solution to drastically cut on your printing costs.