Kyocera or Canon Printers?

Kyocera or Canon Printers?

Are you thinking of getting a new printer but can’t decide between Canon and Kyocera?  Have you heard good things about both and feel more confused than ever?  If so then you should compare the two.  It is best to know a little about each before you make a decision.  Of course you should also know what to focus on when deciding. 

A little about Canon printers 

Many people will swear by Canon printers.  The reason is that they have a long history of making quality machines.  In fact Canon is one of the top manufacturers of printing equipment.  They are also a large brand so they have to continue to make good quality or risk their business reputation. 

A little about Kyocera printers 

Kyocera printers are much newer than their Canon counter parts.  Of course this can be a good thing as they do not have traditions to keep to.  Kyocera machines are popular as they need fewer replacement units in their working lifetime.  This means that in the long run they will cost you less.  Additionally the lack of refill need means that they are better for the environment as you are not filling landfills with toner cartridges.

What to consider when choosing 

Now that you know a bit about what makes these printers popular you need to see if they suit you.  Here are some points that you should consider when determining which to buy:

·         Budget – what is your budget?  When you budget for a printer you should not only take into account the cost of the actual unit but also the running cost.  You need to budget for the price of toner and other replaceable items. 

·         What are you going to be using it for?  Are you going to be doing large amount of printing or just home printing?  Printers that can cope with a lot of use will cost more but if you are only printing a couple of pages a week then you don’t have to spend too much.

·         What deals can you get?  Your local stationary or printing equipment store will sometimes have specials.  Online retailers will also have specials on certain makes and models.  Keep an eye out for these as you can often get printers and photocopiers at a very good price.

·         What other people say.  What others experience should be looked at.  If people you know prefer one make to another then there is generally a reason.  Review sites are also good as you can get a feel for which printers work better for certain people.  Find out which printer people who have similar needs to you use and ask them why. 

Kyocera printers and Canon printers both have their good and bad points.  The key is to find out which one will suit your needs more.  If you want something that uses less replaceable items then Kyocera may be the one for you.  However, if you want legacy and a history of good equipment then Canon may be the way to go.