It Is Important How Your Supplier Installs Your New MFD (Multifunction Printer)

It Is Important How Your Supplier Installs Your New MFD (Multifunction Printer)

When you get a new MFD for your office the supplier will usually come and install it for you.  How your supplier install it is very important as this can change how much you save with the new device.  There are many settings that can make the use of Canon office printers very cost effective.

Basic installation of your multifunction printing device by your supplier

Your canon supplier will do a basic installation for you when you buy an MFD.  Of course one thing to keep in mind about this is that the basic installation will usually not be completely cost effective and productive.  Multifunction printing devices have many features that can help you save money and energy but they need to be set up correctly in order for you to get the full effect.

To be cost-effective, Canon printers standard features should be implemented

There are many features that canon printers have that need to be set up properly.  Once these features have been set up correctly they will save you money in a range of different ways.  Some of these features are simply a change from default while others require the expertise of your Canon dealer.

·         Default to duplex printing

One change to make is with the printing set up.  It is best to change the setting from default to duplex printing.  By doing this you can save 40% per month on your paper costs.  This setting will have the printer print on both sides of the page instead of one.

·         Default all prints to black

It is highly unlikely that you will always have to print in colour.  By changing the default setting to print in black you can save money.  If there is the need to print in colour then users simply choose that option.

·         Set up ID modes to monitor usage by users

ID modes will allow you to see how much printer usage a person or department is going through.  If a department that does not need to print is using the printer then you can go about stopping prohibited printing.  This can save money on paper costs and ink.

·         Set up fax divert to email

Fax divert to email is a great feature that saves your money.  Many people will get faxes that do not actually have to be printed.  By having the fax go to email you will not have to print faxes unnecessarily.  This saves on paper, ink and time.

·         Print to Mailboxes where available

If at all possible setting print to mailboxes is a great idea.  This feature allows you to have secure printing that is password protected.  This is great for any business where certain things are on a need to know basis. 

·         Set up auto print delete on mailboxes where available

This setting saves a lot of money as any printing job that is in the mailboxes will automatically be deleted after 12 hours.  This means that if someone realises that they don’t need to print you haven’t wasted paper and ink.

·         Set up RUI’s on all users machines

RUI or remote user interface means that you will save time one your employees having to check the availability of the printer. 

·         Set up Canon eMaintenance

This feature comes with all standard Canon software.  The Canon team is allowed to monitor your printer 24/7 and will be notified if there is a problem saving you time in having to call for maintenance.

Canon dealers set up unique Customer log-in for office printers

Having your Canon dealer setup a unique log-in for office printers is important.  By doing this you will be able to log on to the online service system where you can keep track of your fleet.  Some of the things you can check on are the service history, service calls and meter readings for your office printers.

Charges for setting up multifunction printers

The question that will now come to mind is how much your Canon dealer will charge you to set up multifunction printers.  The answer to this is that it should be done free of charge.  This should hold true even if you want the supplier to do more than just the basic installation.

It is very important that your supplier installs your new MFD.  The reason for this is that there are many settings that should be changed and things set up so that you can get the most out of the device.