How Colour Printing Works?

How Colour Printing Works?

Colour printing is something that most people enjoy.  There are also people who would never think of not using colour for printing.  The question is how does it work and why does it cost more?  Is it not the same process as black and white printing?   

Why are colour printers more expensive than mono tone printers? 

When buying a printer you will notice that colour printers are more expensive.  You may find yourself wondering why this is.  The fact is that more work and technology goes into colour printing than you think.  The fact that you can get practically any colour from the 4 cartridges you use should clue you in to the process.  Most colour printers work with black, red, yellow and blue pigments.  These pigments are then mixed in varying amounts to create other colours.  The expense of this printing comes with the technology needed to monitor and mix the proper amounts of each colour. 

How do CMYK colours work? 

CMYK colours are a different way of talking about the four primary colours used in printing.  The C is Cyan, M is Magenta, Y is Yellow and K is Key or Black.  When you mix any primary colour you get secondary colours.  Through the mixing of these primary and secondary colours you are able to get the full spectrum of colours.  Black is needed as a separate colour as when you mix all primary colours you will never achieve true black.  You will in fact get a dark brown colour.  CMYK colours are thought to be cheaper than RGB colours.  The difference is that CMYK will use cheaper black ink in order to make dark colours instead of a mixture of primary colours. 

How can you save on colour printing with printing machines? 

There are a few ways that you can employ in order to save on colour printing.  Some of the ways will be more practical than others. 

·         Print in greyscale.  This is an easy way to go about saving on colour printing as you do not have to use the colour inks for this.  Only the cheaper black cartridge will be used.  Of course this is not ideal for people who use colour printing for more than just their own use.

·         If you do not have to have the colour aspects change your default properties to black and white. 

·         What type of printing machine you are using.  Different printing machines will use different amounts of colour ink.  Additionally there are certain printers which have cheaper cartridges than others. 

Colour printing is a more in depth process than most people think.  You do not simply press print and get colours.  The printer needs to measure out the different amount of certain colours in order to get the colour you want.  If your printer works with CMYK colours then you should be able to save by printing only with the black ink as it is cheaper.  Additionally if you work in primary colours then you will find that you may only have to replace a certain colour instead of all of them.