Tips on securing your photocopier at the end of its life

Secure Your Copier at the End of Its Life

Identity Theft

Avoid copying sensitive information on public photocopiers. The information could be retrieved from the hard drive.

Hard Drives

Hard Drives are packed full of sensitive information. From incoming faxes, id protected print jobs to frequently used files. Multifunctional digital copiers have a data encryption facility and hard disk data encryption should be enabled. Additionally Secure Document Release retains the document until identity is verified via a PIN, password.

Delete all information on hard drive at end of copier’s life.

Tips on securing your photocopier at the end of its life

The Print Server

The first digital photocopiers used print servers and IT Departments were aware of the information stored. Fiery Servers and Cyclone served as the connection between the digital photocopier and the network and for many high volume or colour photocopiers still do. But with modern digital photocopiers often the print server is embedded in the machine and it is the print server part of the machine that may hold the most vital information. In a remote print server like fiery or cyclone it will contain a copy of the print job on its internal hard drive so enable encryption and wipe hard drive of the print server at the end of the copier cycle of life.

Often large Companies route all print requests through a central server, this allows data archiving to be achieved efficiently and the central server may be remote. In such cases the digital copier can contain network addresses of the companies’ central server including subnet mask, IP address and passwords.

The Print Server should be cleared of all information at the end of the copier’s life.


The machine may hold data on individual workstations and passwords. Machines with scan to email will hold private email addresses of individuals within the corporation or organisation.

All scanner and email information should be removed.

Print Queue

Often held in the RAM of the machine pending print jobs can contain sensitive information. Often the digital copier is replaced due to unreliability and by simply clearing a paper jam the machine can start printing out a wealth of information.

Clear all pending print jobs.


A list of fax numbers transmission times dates and received documents may be stored on a multifunction photocopier.

Delete all fax information at the end of copier’s life.


Machines set up for multiple user accounts will have common passwords stored. Unfortunately these passwords may be used in other areas of the business. A print out of photocopier passwords could lead to a more serious threat to security if passwords are used elsewhere within the organisation.

All passwords should be removed at the end of the photocopiers life.

Many used photocopiers are destined for India, Africa and the Middle East and it is important to ensure secure information is removed from the machine.

Tips on securing your photocopier at the end of its life