Your copier doesn’t need to be a hassle

Your copier doesn’t need to be a hassle

There are many people who find that they have a problem with their photocopiers.  What you need to know is that your copier doesn’t need to be a hassle.  There are many copiers on the market that will make your life a lot easier as they are fast and efficient.


Photocopiers are part of our everyday life.  It is not only businesses that use these machines but many people will have one in their home.  Most people will use a laser copier in their homes for many different reasons.  This type of copier has a long history dating back to 1959. 

Laser copiers use a type of technology known as xerography which is the use of heat to put the image onto paper.  This was first done by the company Xerox and it replaced other forms of copying at the time.  Of course it should be noted that it is possible to get ink jet copiers as well.  However many people find that pages from an ink jet copier take longer to dry and are more prone to getting smudges.

Today you do not have to settle for only having black and white copies.  Colour copiers have been available to the public since the late 1960’s.  These first colour copiers used the dye sublimation process to give the images their colour.  It was in 1973 that Canon brought out the first electrostatic copier. 

Canon photocopiers

Canon copiers have been around for decades with the first being released in 1965.  However in the years that followed Canon would not be the leader that it is today.  While they did invent the liquid dry photocopying system they sold it to other manufacturers.  It was only from the 1970’s onward that Canon photocopiers would become more prominent.

Canon is the company that first released a personal copier where all you had to do was replace the cartridge when it ran out.  Canon copiers also took on Xerox who were the leaders in the market when they started coming out with laser copiers.  The company is now one of the leaders in this market and have a wide range available to the public.

If you are looking for a photocopier that is reliable and hassle free then Canon would be a good choice.  They have a wide range of products that can suit the needs of anyone.  You will find that you can get not only a black and white copier or colour copiers but also multifunction copiers.  There are different sizes and speeds for all of these copiers and you need to know about this.  However you will find that the larger business copiers are going to be faster than your smaller personal one.  They will often be more durable as well as they are used more frequently. 

The personal copiers from Canon will prove to be little hassle for many reasons.  One of these reasons is that the cartridges for these copiers are easy to find at your local store.  Of course the newer the model the more likely you are to find the correct cartridge.

Your photocopier does not have to be a hassle to use and maintain.  There are many copiers out there that are very user friendly.  Of course as Canon has been around for a long time they have the copier design and function down.