How to save on office furniture without affecting the quality?

How to save on office furniture without affecting the quality?

Money is something that does not grow on trees and people are always looking for a way to save some money.  When you are buying office furniture you may find that it can become a bit pricy.  There are a number of ways that you save when buying office furniture without lowering the quality of the items. 

The type of materials used

The material used in furniture is something that should be taken into account.  Certain materials are cheaper than others but you may find that these cheaper materials make inferior quality furniture.  Of course you will also find that some materials are cheaper but have the same quality as others.  Solid wood furniture is thought to be of higher quality than simple chip board furniture.  The type of wood used can cause the price to vary greatly.  However the most expensive wood does not necessarily have the best quality so just looking at a substitute will not affect the quality.

New versus used

An easy way to save on office furniture like office tables and office chairs will be to buy used instead of new.  Most people will assume that new is better and this may be the case with many types of furniture.  However, office tables can be just as good if they are used as they are new.  Additionally a used table will give the office an antique feel if the table is old enough.  Some people find that an older table may be of better quality than a new one as the furniture was made differently in years gone by. 

Refurbished furniture

Furniture that has at one time been broken and has been refurbished will be cheaper than new or even used items.  The great thing about this category of furniture is that the refurbishment done to it is not often that big.  Some furniture like partitions simply needs a new layer of paint or small cosmetic touches.  There is often no structural problem with the item but the fact that it is refurbished means that the price is much lower.  Quality is often not compromised by the refurbishment particularly if the furniture had no structural problems. 

Remanufactured furniture

If you are looking to have an office fit-out then you should take a look at remanufactured furniture.  There are many furniture manufacturers that will do this and it will cost you at least 20% less than new furniture.  The great thing about this type of office furniture is that you can customize it to include your business colours.  This is basically new office furniture but at a reduced price.

There are many ways that you can save money when you buy office furniture.  The materials of new furniture can affect the price but the quality can often be just as good with cheaper materials.  Used furniture is an excellent way of saving money with no affect on quality.  There are many different types of used furniture that you have to know about including remanufactured and refurbished office furniture.